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Nedved shone in Holland vs Czech Rep. !!!

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WHOA, what can I say? What a game it was! :) :(
First of all, I am terribly upset that Nedved got the yellow card :( Foul on Davids…Hmm! Perhaps still a trace of Juve-Lazio rivalry? ;)
But apart from that booking, he was SUPERB! :D To quote the commentator : “tremendous” , “amazing”…
In the first half, where the Czechs didn’t really have a grip of the game, Nedved was still capable of making some good passes and had several speedy runs. In the second half, I was simply awed! He was running, running, running, and of course, his AlmosT goal! Aaarrgghh! It was oh-so-close!!! And he really showed that he was also capable (in fact, good!) playing not only in the left wing! :cool:
And how many knocks did he have? Was it twice that he had to leave the pitch? I was almost sure that he would get substituted…which he didn’t. Looks like it’s not only in Serie A that Nedved’s being knocked off so often, either due to some foul or pure accident! And how he really persisted to continue playing! In that game, he really showed great fighting spirit! And I mean GreaT!
So, in the end, certainly it broke my heart that the Czechs lost –especially after seeing how devastated Nedved was when Holland was rewarded the penalty (a fair penalty, though!). But after following some underdog teams / dark horses in the past decade bad luck is nothing new to me, really :( Hey, even Frank de Boer admitted that it was lucky they could get a win…a draw would seem a fairer result. But it’s FootbalL, as we all know. My hope is just that in the Czechs’ next matches they (esp. Nedved, of course!) can perform as well as they did tonight, and get better results.

Forza Nedved!
Forza all Lazio players in Euro 2000!
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Yup Lazia; as Michel has verified, Nedved was indeed substituted just before the match ended. Heck, I guess the coach really had to take him out since he himself was so determined to keep playing ;) ) But before he was finally substituted, he was taken off the pitch for treatment (twice I suppose) and each time I was almost certain he would get substituted but he wasn't!
And Lazia, Michel, glad to see that many of us here still has quite a lot of conscience :)
And whoa, only during that match I truly realized how tall Koller is! 2,02 m - tallest player in Euro 2000! I've heard that Nedved recommended him to Lazio :)

Forza Lazio
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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