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As per the name of this thread, please post here articles concerning NBA which are worth reading for everyone.

Please, refrain from posting regular articles concerning day to day games or articles of that sort, but rather, something curious, moments from history etc!

After a while, you will see that this thread will contain some really nice pieces.

I will re-port (for those who missed it)

Life on a back-to-back-to-back - by Lee Jenkins (Sports Illustrated)


Today, I found a good read about Don Nelson who made the Hall of Fame. It is also a nice read.


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What the "Stat Gurus" Say Does not Correspond with Reality

A must-read for some of you stat-gurus out there who insist high FG% is a sign of efficiency.

FG% certainly does help. Look at the Oklahoma Thunder. Their perimeter shooting is amazing. However, FG% isn't everything either, in the case of the Heat, they lack a proper point guard, which explains why they have some trouble here and there. They're relying on athleticism more than anything which isn't a positive sign.
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