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Roberto Bonano Arquero River Plate
Pablo Cavallero Arquero Espanyol (España)
Germán Burgos Arquero Mallorca (España)

Roberto Ayala Defensor Milan (Italia)
Mauricio Pochettino Defensor Espanyol (España)
Walter Samuel Defensor Boca Juniors
Roberto Sensini Defensor Lazio (Italia)
Juan Pablo Sorín Defensor Cruzeiro (Brasil)
Nelson Vivas Defensor Celta (España)

Christian González Volante Valencia (España)
Gustavo López Volante Celta (España)
Diego Simeone Volante Lazio (Italia)
Juan Sebastián Verón Volante Lazio (Italia)
Javier Zanetti Volante Inter (Italia)
Matías Almeyda Volante Lazio (Italia)
Pablo Aimar Volante River Plate

Gabriel Batistuta Delantero Fiorentina (Italia)
Hernán Crespo Delantero Parma (Italia)
Claudio López Delantero Valencia (España)
Ariel Ortega Delantero Parma (Italia)

but crespo is injured he called CRUZ(feeynoored)

good to see u here

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I don't get it. Why is Fabien Roberto Ayala, not even playing all the time in Milan is captain in the greatest team in the world? Shouldn't guys like Zanetti coe before Ayala? And can anyone explain why captain of Argentina seems to change from game to game? It seems as if they take turns to be captain...

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argentina could havem 3 teams in the world cup next time,they have SO many great players
and so many future stars.
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