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Well, this story should last for few weeks. Many persons will take part in this story. Some of their names are published in the start, some come out later. You'll get more info as the story goes on!

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****** ***** Diaries

Well, Estonia has fallen into the god damn communist's hands. I could not believe that my party is bunch of communists. They signed bunch of ex-communists to help them. Can you believe it, diary? The dark day is 02.04.2005. I should mark it down in bold, since this is the day when the new communist rule will began to take control.

I don't know what are the plans, but obviously they are not good. I have to go with them or risk with chopped head. Something has to be done? No-one around doesen't understand what's going to happen!

They will even get Him soon! I never knew that my party is up to those things. It is just out of this planet.

****** ****** Diaries

I just heard the secret news that they're planning to do a communist party. I just met the leader, in security reasons, I can't mention his/her name at the moment, but the mysterious person wants me to join them since I've got some very good relations. But I don't know how to get rid of my current position. I know that some guys from my party are joining too. I just need to get rid of my place and get kicked out, but it's hard. My country don't want to see me kicked out of my position.

****** ***** Diaries

I just heard it! Them & Russia! A new Soviet Union is coming! Lot's of former countries. This is going to be international chaos. It all starts here. The moment they take full power in the country, we're doomed. We have little time to do something. I heard some names like Edgar, Arnold and so on mentioned. Diary, what should I do!? It's 4th of April now!

****** ***** Diaries

Now it all starts. I'm kicked out of the prime-minister place! They kicked me out of the party. They said that they don't feel I've done good enough job... I haven't even been running this country for that long time to judge it. Media is totally confused. Here are the titles I got from today (10th of April) newspapers:

"Andrus Ansip is no longer prime-minister"
"Mystery: Why is Andrus Ansip kicked out of Reformierakond?"
"What is happening in government? Ansip sacked from prime-minister!"

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wrong section, move it to politics debate :stuckup:


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Authors Note: Please pay a lot of attention to the names. Otherwise you'll get confused at the start.

Andrus Ansip Diaries

I'm jobless now. At this moment, it's not smart to get into politics. It may be a wagons to Siber vol. 3 soon! Anyway, I need to talk with someone. I can't just speak to you diary. Therefore, I'm carefully choosing the person. I have to trust him 100%. I have shortlisted out few persons.I'd like to name them here, but they are really planning to take 100% control of peoples lives. We'll never know.

Andrus Ansip Diaries

I just finished off watching ETV news. I can't believe what they told there. Arnold Rüütel was caught drunk in a bar and the fact is that he's the "Him" I told you about. He didn't give any comments yet. It's 10 days past the day I got sacked myself. I'm yet to find out a person who should I tell my secret to.

Vladimir Putin Diaries

I just recieved a call from Estonia. They're about to form the new party and we could slowly start make a process on building a new Soviet Uninion. The western world has no idea, what is going on. They still think that we're really as friendly as we look at the moment. We're planning to take on the whole world. Edgar is really doing some great work. This just can't fail, this just can't fail!

Andrus Ansip Diaries

It's 21st and Arnold resigned, from president and from Rahvaliit. But I finally found someone to talk with. Sport is the best way to unite people. I met with my old friend. He just finished off with the FIFA manager licenses. FIFA = the highest football organisation, if you don't know diary. But about Rüütel, I heard from some of my sources that he has already met with the guys from the new party.

ETV News, 31st of March

"A new party has been formed. The new party is reformation of Keskerakond. It will take over the reigns in the country and into it belong some really big names like scadalous president Arnold Rüütel, former prime-minister Edgar Savisaar and the list goes on. "We already have made plans for this country and we will try to make them work," said the parties president Edgar Savisaar..."

Andrus Ansip Diaries

So now the revolution starts. I have decided to hide you, my diary, so I could write impornant names and secrets and plans into you. The party was formed today. It consists of many former big names and like 20 of them worked for the Soviet Union in the 80's & 70's. Anyway, names are not that big secret anymore and everyone knows them, but no-one sees the big link and it's hard to see. I don't get any new information either. I just have to use the information I've got. And according to that, the new prime-minister, who's name is yet to be announced, will go to Russia to meet president Putin in 2 weeks. And we yet have no idea about the new president. I could rush out of the country and save my family and myself, but something inside tells me not to do it. Maybe I should send my family away before it's too late.

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The Republic of Estonia, or Estonia is a country in Northern Europe and a member state of European Union since 2004. It is separated from Finland in the north by the narrow Gulf of Finland and from Sweden in the west by the middle part of the Baltic Sea. Estonia has land borders with its fellow Baltic country Latvia to the south and Russia to the east.

Humans came to Estonia in around 11 000-13 000 ago. Then the ice from ice-age melted. The oldest discovered human settlement is from year 8000 B.C. In 13th century Estonia was chritianised by Danish and Germans. Also Sweden, Poland & Russia, Estonias could finally declare themselves independet in 1918. In 1920 after Estonian Liberation War things calmed down until 1940.

Then in the start of the WWII, Estonia was occupied by the Soviet troops. Lot's of people were forced to step into Red Army, but some of the people choosed German troops. While in 1940, lot's of people, including Estonians first president Konstanin Päts, were put into animal wagons and were deported to Siber or other parts of Russia. Lots of them died and very few of them got back into Estonia. Later communist party sent another bunch of people do Siber. Mostly those who fought for Nazi army and lots of writers and others.

Estonia stayed under the strict rule like lots of countries. You could not say anything bad about the Soviet Union and so on. But the Soviet Union started to fall apart in 1980's and Estonians started a Singing Revolution which lasted from 1988-1990. Every night people gathered on the streets, sang national songs & hymn, which was strictly forbidden in the country. The way to freedum was unviolent and the demonstartions, speeches, songs in Estonia paid major part of Soviet Union's collapse.

The most powerful demonstrations is "Baltic Chain". People from Estonia, Latvia & Lithunia formed a 600 kilometeres long chain by holding eachothers hands. By the time every country had formed their own organisation and decided to demonstrate how united Baltic people are on 23rd of August 1989, when the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact was signed. (It gave Russia free hands with Baltic states in 1939) The human chain reached from Tallinn to Vilnius and consisted off around 2 million people. The word that the chain said to eachother was "freedom". That demonstration was showed live all around the world and this was repeated by many Soviet Union countries.

Estonia recieved it's freedom in 1991. Since then economy has been raising with every year and in 2004, they joined with EU and NATO.

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Lol. :D

About the names. I don't know shit about the politics. Just going to take the most well known names and place them into some side... :tongue:

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Authors Note: I had some mistakes in previous updates. Ansip actually became prime-minister few days later than my story starts and also, the date in ETV news is wrong. It should be April. But those are minor mistakes I guess.

Andrus Ansip Diaries

I decided to met an old friend. I mentioned about meeting with him before. He just got FIFA's trainer licenses. I'm now searching through the place where to meet. I needed a place with some noise, but not too much, since talks we're important. But I reconsidered, I called him and we will meet on the 5th of May.

Arnold Rüütel & Ingrid's conversation

"What do you mean, Arnold? Re-forming the Soviet Union?"
- "Yes. That's our plan. Us and couple of heads will start to get some very serious cash."
"Money? Is that all about money?"
- "Yes, it is. I haven't got much years to live, but I want to live those remaining years in luxury and make sure I get the pest doctors around there."
"What happened to you? What has happened to a guy who didn't do anything and sat in the corner, looking at the fire in the fireplace. Where's the Estonian spirit?"
- "It's in me, but I believe this country won't lose anything when we'd be under Russian power."
"Russians will kick you out of the door, as soon as they'll get strong enough power. Are you dumb Arnold? Aren't you the president who read his speeches in Estonian sweater?"
- "I don't know Ingrid. I don't know. There's something in me telling to do it. I believe this could work and us could see very nice life."
"Is that us, me & you or Estonian people."
- "Ingrid, you know I want the best..."
"Well. Best for Estonia is when you don't do that big mistake. Do you want to die in guiltyness?"
- "We won't die in quilty of anything! It's best for Estonia and for us! Ingrid open your eyes."
"This is you who is blinded by the money. Now go out there... Hit all the members of that movement in head and talk what is right!"
- "I won't. We know what we are doing. We have talked to Russia!"
"They are lieing!"
- "No, Ingrid. Now, we need this to become a secret as we don't want to upset population. If you say anything, unfortunately, some guys there are ready to kill you."
"Is that a threat!? Arnold come back here!"

**** ****'s letter

Dear Father

It's me, ****, here as you can read from the envelope. I'll be back on the 4th of May! I did very good abroad. I was away for a long time and I can't wait to be back on homeland after spending a lot of time in America and other countries. I enjoyed my new job and got lots of experiences. Also earned some big money to keep me fine for a long time. Anyway, few days ago I recieved a call from my old friend. He wanted to talk to me about some thing. He talked about some new party and stuff like that. I didn't understand much as he didn't want make a long phone-call. But when you'll get this letter, I will be probably stepping on the plane so there isn't much time to wait. And it's about time for you to buy a cellphone! I know you're old, but you need it!

Till we meet,
your son ****.

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Andrus Ansip Diaries

I'm going to met my friend today. He's back in town and I'm meeting Tanel in his house. I have a big idea, but before mentioning what is it, I want to talk about it with him. If he would agree, then I'd talk with Indrek about the thing.

Andrus Ansip's and Tanel's conversation

"Hi old friend, shall we go in?"

- "Yes, Tanel."

"What are we urging then?"

- "It's a long story, but I'll start. I doubt you have heard about the new party they formed. Well, Savisaar, Rüütel... all of them are in there, but what is remarkable, is that it's actually a communist party. I just became prime minister, but they kicked me out without no reason. Now they have power and they're talking with Russia and other countries."

"That's f*cked up situation! Well, you said I can help. How?"

- "You did finish your manager licenses, right?"

"Yes, I did."

- "Well, since sport is what unites people, we can fight againist that by having a great national teams with great achievments. I have talked to several friends for other sports, but only person who agreed with me was Aivar Kuusmaa, who is taking over the position in Basketball NT. Now I jsut have to talk with the basketball comitee president. But can I do the same with football? Since lots of people love football, it's the best way I belive."

"I don't know. I smell it's dangerous. Don't you think that they won't allow us to play outside of Russia and other former CCCP countries?"

- "This won't happen very fast. I believe we've got time till 2010, when the WC in South-Africa takes place."
"Are you sure about this?"

- "Yes, I heard they're conversation. There are lots of other countries to convince. We were the first who is on their way."

"5 years is good enough time, I belive. But we need to get into some big competition in that time and build an amazing NT. I think I'd agree, but so should Estonian Football comitee."

- "Well, none of them is related to the new party."
"That's good, but a risk remains. We should talk with Kannik & Aivar first."

- "Yes, risk remains, but to sit another 50 years under other countries rule, is a bigger risk."

"I agree. I won't have no problems with it, but only basketball and football are not enough. We need something more. Like a F1 driver and so on!"

- "We'll work on it, my friend!"

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**** **** at home

The calendar is showing 4th of May. **** reached home from America. He worked in New York and was there for a long time. "Jüri, you're home. For how long?" his dad asked. "Yes, dad, they just said I should come back from USA, so I came. I don't know why they wanted to get me back exactly," said confused Jüri, "I have to meet with Savissaar soon in few hours."Dad looked at him for few secs and then said, "You talked about new party? Well, there are Edgar, Arnold... All big names are mostly in there. Very experienced politics." "Oh, so! I don't know what he wants to talk with me about anyway. Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I'll stay here for around week if you're okay with that," asked Jüri from his dad, who agreed on it.

Jüri ****'s conversation with Edgar

"Hi, Jüri!"

- "Hi-hi, Edgar!"

"How was it in USA?"

- "It was fine. I believe I build some very nice relationships being ambassador. I was just about to get
used to life in New York."

Edgar was about to start talking, but his cellphone rang.

"I got to go now! I'll give you this letter. Read this through. Goodbye!"

- "Have a nice day, Edgar!"

The letter

Jüri Roos,

As you know, we're forming a new party, but it isn't like others. Our party isn't democratic, but communist. You're place as American embassador probably won't be filled anymore. When you'd look carefully, you could find link between most of the politics in new party. Most of them are former communists. We have talked to Russia, if everything goes like planned, new Soviet Union will born in may of 2010. We took the lead and for next few years, we'll acting like people want us to and make sure we'll get selected once again. We want you to join too. If you won't, keep your mouth shut about this, or something bad happens to someone very close to you.

Waiting for your answer,
Edgar Savissaar

Jüri Luik's reaction

He didn't like that idea at all. He knew who that close people would be, but he didn't want to join the party for sure, but there still remained a risk. He decided publicy shut up and find someone else, who knows about it. Apparently, there were just few guys, one of them is Ansip, but he's yet to know that. He decided to go home, but on his way back, he wasn't sure should he tell his father or not.

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Jüri's conversation with dad

"Dad, I'm back.."

- "Already? What did you talk about?"

"We really didn't talk. He just gave me that letter. Here, read that through."

- "Hmm... Jüri, I'm old. I'm going to die soon! Don't worry about me!"

"I see you get it, but I wanna keep your last years healthy!"

- "Jüri, there are thousans of people out there whose lives we are talking about!"

"I know. I thought about it on my way back. There must be more people who know about this. I need to find them. We have to fight against them slowly without them noticing it. "

- "That is the other possibility, yes, but one thing you can't do is just sit at home."

"Papa, I didn't tell I'm going to sit at home! I'll start looking for some people today! I'll spend whole my evening finding out some links and clues!"

- "Very good, son. But did he ask for your answer or something like that?"

"I don't know. I believe, I won't reply to him when I don't want to join up."

- "Now you're home as USA's ambassador. Will they take a new ambassador?"

"I doubt. They are going to deny with it probably. I'm not sure. It's up to them, but I don't belive they just asked me back to offer that job. They want to get themselves disconnected from USA. I could go back actually according, but after this I just can't."

- "Whatever you'll do, don't do anything wrong. Lots is on stake son! I'll talk with you tomorrow. It's early, but my bones and muscles are so tired."

So Jüri was looking for clues where to find possible former members of Reformierakond, Rahvaliit or Keskerakond, who may have known something about the things going on.

Andrus Ansip diaries

Well, today, the 5th of May, me and Tanel went to Estonian FA offices. I had called Aivar Pohlak & Indrek Kannik for a long chat. We were in there around 1 PM and waited few minutes before we could be together, since Indrek had a problem with his car on the way. But we headed off to a empty small room in end of the hallway. There were exactly 2 chair and a couch in the room. I sat on the small white coach and set myself in comfortable. We had a very long conversation and since I haven't got anything better to do, I'll write it down with some sidemarks.

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Tanel & Andrus meeting with Aivar & Indrek

Aivar Pohlak (FA's vice-president): "So what brings you two here today? You said it's very important so tell us all about that."

Andrus: "Well, that new party they formed. You know, the one with Edgar, Arnold and so on..."

Aivar: "Yes.. What's with it?"

Andrus: "It hasn't got very pleasing ideas for our people. It's a communist party."

Indrek Kannik (FA president): "Most of them are ex-communist, but I still find it very suprising! How?"

Andrus: "Yes, but I heard it. They didn't think I'd join so they kicked me out also. Now Edgar is prime-minister and they are talking very often with Russians and Putin. They are also planning a visit to Russia."

Aivar: "And what is with Russia?"

Tanel: "Obviously they're planning a new Soviet Union or something like that. They're hoping that good relationships with Russia now could get them some nice emoney I guess. Though it's not going to happen soon I guess and it's a long progress since lots of countries need to be convinced. It's a complicated situation."

Andrus: "Yes. They will first try to win people's support by making some nice presents to them. Big buildings and so on. Dirty money from Russia is set to be involved from what I've heard. They're going to **** around with papers so nonone would understand how they got that big profit."

Indrek: "Are you sure you haven't misunderstood anything. This sounds like very weird because Edgar helped us to get freedom and so on."

Andrus: "Yes, I heard it very right. I belive it's money behind it, but I'm not sure. I've heard several conversations about it so I'm very sure."

Aivar: "Okay, guys. I believe you two, but why talk with us."

Tanel: "There's a huge point behind it."

Andrus: "Yes, it may take some time with this conversation. So I'd get something to eat and drink."

Andrus Ansip diaries

So Tanel went off for store to buy some stuff. While he was there we talked about the party, but we didn't get to the subject why we were there. I wanted Tanel to be there also. Anyway, they looekd really suprised and confused. They didn't know how to help or what to do. But luckily we knew. Soon Tanel came back with some water and grabbed some big pizza from a restaurant.

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Meeting continuing...

Tanel: "I'm back. Let's quickly start to talk here."

Aivar: "Yes, it would be nice to know, what do you guys want to talk about?"

Andrus: "Well... On our fight againist the new leaders, we'd like to make it slow, but run the things people like and sports is probably the best way to make people united. They'll cry if Estonia loses dramatically or they all jump together when Estonia wins."

Inderk: "So it has something to do with national team?"

Andrus: "Yes. We got a deal with basketball FA, while football is even more popular here. We need to put one of our own to run the team, a one who we can completely trust. Tanel here just ended his FIFA manager licence course and I believe we have to put him into charge."

Aivar: "What!? Our football is on the rise and you want us the switch a coach who has done wonderful job in charge of the national team with a guy who hasn't even been to coaching?"

Tanel: "Hey! I learned from one of the best coaches of all-time during my time there. I got learning words from guys who you haven't even seen with your own eyes without TV screen seperating."

Andrus: "It's Estonia who we are talking about. Not your personal job, Aivar! Jelle will be forced out soon anyway!"

Aivar: "Who have you talked to?"

Tanel: "Well, guys like Cuper, Capello, Fergusona and so on ring any bell? Those people have given me some awesome tips and I want to move on with the NT for greater things to make our country united so the communist law wouldn't go through!"

Indrek: "A problem is that Jelle's contract runs till end of the year. What will we do with it? I think we have to ask himself about it."

Aivar: "That sounds like a good idea. Let's call Jelle here. I'll check where is my mobile."

Aivar's call to Jelle Goes

"Hi, Jelle."
- "Hello, Aivar. How are you doing?"
"Well, things aren't perfect around here. Therefore I'd like to ask, are you in Tallinn?"
- "I am here yes. What about it?"
"Could you come to the FA's office?"
- "Okay. Quickly? I have some unfinished stuff to do. I will start driving in 15 minutes. Can you wait that long?"
"Sure. That's small problem. I'll hang up the phone now. See you!"
- "Goodbye!"

Andrus Ansip diaries

So we kept arguing about it for a long time until Jelle finally came in. We managed to reach an agreement that our decision depends on Jelle. Would he accept giving up his job?

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Conversation contuinuing... with Estonia manager Jelle Goes

Aivar: "Hi, Jelle! Sit down here if you want. Hopefully it will go quickly, but it's a very important question we are about to ask you."

Jelle: "What question?"

Aivar: "It's very important for our country. Would you give your job to this guy there when something very important is on stake?"

Jelle: "Depends on what is on stake..."

Andrus: "I have not used my English for some time, but I'll try to say something. They formed a new party here, but it is not normal. It has communist plans and it wants to join with Russia. But it won't be quick process since Russia wants to make other countries join too. We have time to get our country united before they take over the leader position here. So we could fight againist it. But to do get people united, we need to get over the charge in sports. I need to get people I know very well to the big jobs since I can trust them."

Jelle: "Why can't you just say it out loud so people would know about it?"

Andrus: "Russia will march in with tanks then or I'll get killed. It's not very easy situation. It is very complicated and it would take many hours to talk it clear. "

Jelle: "That's a bit sudden. Espescially when I am thinking about new contract, but I'd like to remain. However, if that really is that important. I could leave, but only when you pay me rest of years wages so I could settle myself in back in homeland."

Indrek: "That should not be a problem. The problem here is huge I think and it's very important that Andrus could have his own guys running the important things."

Jelle: "I understand that. But your agreeing to pay my remaining wages?"

Aivar: "We are. But you must keep your mouth shut about the reasons."

Jelle: "I will leave to Holland the moment I'm ready with my stuff here."

Tanel: "Thank you very much, Jelle! It's great what you've done right now."

Jelle: "Congrats on becoming new Estonia coach."

Andrus Ansip diaries

So we talked couple of words with eachother and we sweared not even tell a word about our plans to anyone else. The offical statement of Tanel joining had to come after we had played our international games in June. Then there was that huge summerbreak and it was good to set things up thanks to that. At the end we shaked eachothers hands and wished very best to everyone. Indrek and Aivar stayed in the FA's offices, while me and Tanel and Jelle went seperate ways.

Andrus Ansip diaries

I recieved a strange letter today. It said. "If you know something, do you need an ally? Jüri Luik". He just came back from America and somehow he knows about it already. The problem here is that I don't know how to contact him. I will try looking for his address and I will let you know were my searches succesful. At the mean time, we marked down the date of new Estonia manager in our calendars. It shuold take place in 23rd of June. Night before our local big celebration day where everybody gets drunk. Now they may have a reason also.

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*Authors Note: I couldn't do yesterdays update due to lack of time, but instead I'll make two updates today.

Andrus Ansip diaries

Hi diary. I just came back from home of the football match. Okay, I didn't come home from football match. I went to football match and watched it, but after that I met with Jüri Luik. We met down at lonely corner in one restaurunt near A Le Coq Arena. We talked to him for a half hour and I said I needed every alley I could get. I also talked about my plans with the national teams and sports and he seemed to agree with them. We also decided the way how to communicate with each other. Since they may be listening to Jüri's cellphone calls this was out of the question. Though it will be our prefered way and we'll think something up about it. Until that, we will talk about our stuff with the letters, we put into eachothers mailboxes. We also agreed that we'll try to get our sport to new level, but for that we need some people with big money. But Tursk will be appointed as new Estonia manager.


So on the 23rd of June Tanel ordered a taxi to his way to the A Le Coq Arena. He lived few km's out of the Tallinn in a nice house that he built before he went off to Europe for many years. He sat into black Opel in 11 AM. Before that he had obviously washed and brushed himself, but he reached Lilleküla after half hour drive. He left the taxi with few hundred meters from the stadion. Aivar was waiting for him there.

"So, are you ready?" asked Aivar from him. "More than ever. There is lot to do," replied Tanel to him, as they started to step towards A Le Coq Arena. They first climbed the stairs to get a bit higher and there the stadium was standing. They went in the door and before moving to press conference hall, they sat around half hour in his new office. Tursk looked out of the window. He imagined fans jumping on those green seats and he being up on the side off the pitch telling players to get their as*es into World Cup.

But before he could really enter the fantasy world, Indrek Kannik stepped in saying, "Okay, I'm ready." The press conference wasn't yet to start, but they went into Indrek's offices. Indrek sat down on the chair and opened his computer. He had contract ready for print, but few details we're still yet to be talked about. The wage number ended up as small. Tursk didn't want much money, just 1300 euros per month to keep his little house and stomach in nice health. It was agreed and Indrek pressed the print button. After that. They put the pencil on the contract and grabbed a cup of coffee.

They went off for the press conference after coffee. Room was full of journalists from different newspapers, sites and televisions. Questions kept coming and none of them wasn't really happy with the decision. But unlike Aivar, Indrek, Andrus, Jüri and Tanel, they didn't know what is going on in reality. Tursk said he's going to take this national team to a new level. It's unsure what people felt, but his confident words surely didn't do any plan and the applause followed to the moment when Tursk drawed his signature to some "worthless" piece of paper.

Later on the trio met Andrus & Jüri behind closed doors. It was the first time Jüri met with the guys to talk about this subject. They had a fun time and there remained hope that everything can still be turned around without dead people.

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Andrus Ansip diaries

Tomorrow, it will be important day. On 17th of August, Tanel will make his debut as Estonia manager and he'll play againist Bosnia. He has a lot to prove and I'll be there to watch him with Jüri sitting there also. Few seats away from me.

Storyteller & preview for Bosnia

Before the match againist Bosnia & Hertzegovina Tursk arranged a lot of things. He bought him a helpforce from Estonians top 4 club - FC Flora, Levadia, Narva Trans & TVMK. Sergei Ratnikov, TVMK's manager, became his assistant, while Janno Kivisild (FC Flora's manager) & Tarmo Rüütli (Levadia's manager) will take over U21 and U19. Team's physio will be Gunnar Männik (FC Flora) and Urmas Kirs (Levadia) and Sergei Zamogilnõi (Narva Trans) will be coaches.

His playing schedule for 2005 will be:

17.08 - Bosnia & Hertzegovina (H) - Friendly
03.09 - Latvia (H) - World Cup Qualifier
08.10 - Slovakkia (A) - World Cup Qualifier
12.10 - Luxembourg (A) - World Cup Qualifier
12.11 - Finland (A) - Friendly
16.11 - Poland (A) - Friendly

Tursk opted for lot of foreign quality to make into his team, though he decided to get some players first experience on that national team level. So he called up new guys Eduard Ratnikov, Konstantin Vassiljev, Vitaly Leitan & Vladimir Voskoboinikov.

The Full List


Artur Kotenko (Levadia)
Sergey Pareiko (Tom)*
Mart Poom (Arsenal)*


Teet Allas (Flora)
Enar Jääger (Torpedo Moscow)*
Ragnar Klavan (Heracles)*
Marek Lemsalu (Bryne)*
Raio Piiroja (Fredrikstad)*
Urmas Rooba (FC Kobenhavn)*
Andrey Stepanov (Torpedo Moscow)*


Dmitry Kruglov (Lokomotiv Moscow)*
Taavi Rähn (Volyn)*
Eduard Ratnikov (Beroe)*
Liivo Leetma (KooTeePee)*
Martin Reim (Flora)
Maksim Smirnov (TVMK)
Konstantin Vassiljev (Levadia)
Joel Lindpere (Levadia)
Sergei Terehhov (Shinnik)*
Vitali Leitan (Levadia)


Tarmo Kink (Spartak Moscow)*
Tarmo Neemelo (TVMK)
Andres Oper (Roda JC)*
Ingemar Teever (TVMK)
Kristen Viikmäe (Flora)
Vladimir Voskoboinikov (FC Brussels)*

* - Foreign Players

The game will be whistled by Russian Valentin Ivanov.

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Match Report

Estonia 1 - 2 Bosnia
Date: 17/08/2005
Stadium: A Le Coq Arena, Tallinn
Goals: 18. Oper - 25. Zlatan Bajramovic, 34. Elvir Bolic
Cards: Zlatan Bajramovic (Bosnia)
Possession: 50% - 50%
Shots: 9 - 9
Corners: 3-6
Free Kicks: 15 - 18
Fouls: 14 - 12
Offsides: 3 - 4
Referee: Valentin Ivanov (RUS)
Attendance 6274
Weather: Sunny day, 14 degrees

Comments from Estonia

Tanel Tursk - "We played a good match I believe. There is some places we need to improve as our defence was leaky. But I'm happy with the goal, though I would've wanted a win in debute match. I will make some changes for World Cup qualification squad as I needed to see how my first pick played and who is good under my tactics and so on. Debutants did good.

Andres Oper - "I'm happy for another goal I scored and new manager really added some more into this team. I'm sure we will go on to greater things with him."

Fan's Player Ratings

First XI

Artur Kotenko (GK) - Was on for 45. Did good, though could've charged down atleast on Bosnia's shots. 7/10

Enar Jääger (DR) - Did good in 90 minutes he played. Right-back isn't his favoured position, but Estonia don't have much other players for this and he gave some positive signs. 7/10

Ragnar Klavan (DL) - Just like Jääger, did his job. Sent in some nice crosses and so on. Same rating. 7/10

Andrey Stepanov (DC) - Suprisingly our worst player on pitch. Goals are his fault as he looked very clumsy in his 45 minutes. He's position in WC qualifier againist Latvia isn't very secure. 5/10

Raio Piiroja (DC) - Partner gave him too much work to do in first half, but he managed to play as a rock in the second half. All together decent performance. 7/10

Maksim Smirnov (MR) - Could've done much better. Lacked speed and creativity. Barely touched the ball and even when he did sucked. Got subbed at half-time. 6/10

Dmitry Kruglov (ML) - Should've done better. He's free-kicks were bad and his touches were rather bad at times. He also waisted a lot of shots. Kruglov has big potential and I hope he becomes handy for Estonia in future. 6/10

Joel Lindpere (AMC) - Hadn't played at NT for a while, but did good now. He gave stikers some nice balls and gave an assist to Oper. 7/10

Taavi Rähn (DMC) - He didn't have his best games for Estonia. Didn't manage to control the midfield as wanted and lost balls very often. Played 55 minutes. 6/10

Ingemar Teever (FC) - Wasn't as good as Oper, but did some nice runs. He had one nice chance, but couldn't get a shot. I believe this striking partnership may work out. Played 55 minutes. 6/10

Andres Oper (FC) - Scored an goal and was seen sometimes upfront, but then again got lost often. Played 55 minutes. 7/10


Mart Poom (GK) - Didn't really have much to do, but still wasn't very comfortable with crosses and he looked a bit afraid to catch the ball. 6/10

Teet Allas (DR) - Came on in half-time for Stepanov. Went to right-back as Jääger moved to center, but he didn't really look good, but didn't do anything cathastrophic either. 6/10

Eduard Ratnikov (MC) - Came in for Rähn in 55th minute. Didn't do anything special in his debute, but he didn't really have time either. When he got the ball, he looked comfortable though. 7/10

Konstantin Vassiljev (MR) - Didin't really improve our play in the right wing as he looked as helpless as Smirnov. Came on at half-time. 6/10

Tarmo Kink (FC) - Didn't get into any good position with his 35 minutes in the game. 6/10

Vladimir Voskoboinikov (FC) - Would've wanted a better debut from him. Came on in half-time, but was hidden behind Bosnia's defender and barely touched the ball. 6/10


Tanel Tursk (M) - Did good as he couldn't predict those kind of defensive mistakes. Though he didn't know how to get this game more open for Estonia. 6/10
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