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just wanna tell everybody im back from italy,by the way great victory against argentina.
after many bad games im glad they finally played good and won.....
have anyone heard of the antonio carlos zago rumors?
if panucci arrives he will be joining olympiakos!!!!
what do you think about that amoroso?
emerson has finally arrived to roma and i have them as candidates to the scudetto 2000-2001,they have actually 5 brazilians with zago(if he stays)
what happened to fabio junior?

rennes signed lucas,i can't believe that,he was the new ronaldo and a team like rennes signed him instaid of marseille and inter.........

napoli still want juninho but it will be difficult i gues.
vicenza have signed 2 brazilians named jeda and dede(not any famous i guess)
junior and alex to parma but probably on loan for one year...(maybe someone know more details)
leandro to fiorentina,will he rock them and score many goals?

i need more info about edmilson and marques?
the both were current in the brazilian qualification team i think.

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i nasty,
Dede was sub in vasco , scored some goals when the animal and teh KING were not playing!:)
Roma may have many brazilians but most of them are not game winners...they should buy braziilan forwards instead of defenders and destructive midfielders!
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