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Nakata injured?

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It looks like Nakata has injured his calf muscle and he has skipped team training the past two days. He's been training apart from the team due to his injury. It's not likely to be a serious injury so I'm glad but it's not clear if he will start this weekend's game. I hope he will recover in time cause I heard that Montella and Totti will be back for the game and I want to see Nakata as AM, Totti and Montella as forwards. It might give Roma something to build on for next season.

Again at the end of the month Nakata will fly to Korea for Japan vs. Korea friendly match but he will not miss the Parma match.
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My friend is Koriean, and he says that it's like a major thing when the two teams play, & apparently Korea normally win.
yA Nakata7 you're right he is injured and has not been practicing with the team.
Although he has been doing physicaltherapy with Antonoli and Montella.
Nakata will play on Sunday but the other two won't.
So that means Totti and Poggi upfront with Nakata behind,Delvecchio is suspended with 2 yellows.
Montella will likely return against Parma next week and Candela against Milan.
Lupatelli will be our goalie this weekend.
Hope to see Totti adn Nakata create some good opportunities they must play well together or we can kiss this one goood-bye!!
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