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Nakata in Milan ««

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Inter Milan are thought to have made an offer to Roma for young Japanese player Hidetoshi Nakata, who's been playing in Italy for two season now (in Perugia first then in Roma).
Massimo Moratti has offered Franco Sensi the other half of Christiano Zanetti, a player the two teams jointly own plus 7.5 million dollars.
The Rome squad has received quite a few offers for the player who might not be the most talented one but is certainly the one who attracts more tourists from
abroad than anybody else as floods of Japanese come to Italy every month only to see him play.

I think this is a terrible signing we do not need him:
Is moratti after the attraction of more tourists abroad for $$$$$ hmmmm hmmmm!!!
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This is a crap article undoubtedly from an English source.
Nakata is good but We don't need him !!!
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