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Observing Parma for say 4 years closely this is what opinion I've formed from their transfer strategies.

Parma is a small club but has (until this season) always made great purchases and matured their players very well to be an integral part of the 7 sisters. They have been great and have nearly won the league before though still being a small team. The reason why I refer to them as a small team is because they have a small fanbase in a smaller city.

Every year Parma create stars and sell them off after they become stars for big sums. With the profits they use some to buy replacments. Until now they have always bought replacments which have been good enough for a 4th place finish but this mercatto was worse than normal.

My conclusion is that with Parma making the best possible attemp with their circumstances of being a big club they have big losses on Wages etc and are forced to every year break even by selling off their players, with the money left they can purchase cheaper replacments (sometimes inferior).

What I've said has no base to it really just my poinion. Is this anywhere near the truth? Its the only way I could possibly imaging why Parma has sold all their stars and bought less. I know that some players have wanted to leave but the replacments are nearly always cheaper. Unl;ess Tanzi is keeping the money :rolleyes:

Anyway good luck for the season. Parma have always been one of my more liked teams unlike Juve, Roma, Milan :yuck:
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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