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Could someone quickly explain to me how the so-called "nacompetitie" works, my reason for asking of course being the fact that these teams (Den Bosch, Sittard, Roda) have a lot of young Belgian (NT-)players.

How many teams enter it?
And do all relegators come from the nacompetitie or does Sittard relegate automatically and does the nacompetitie decide on the 2nd relegator?

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Number 18 (Fortuna) will go down for sure. Number 16 and 17 play nacompetitie where they will both head one of the two groups. Both play a full competition against three teams from the 1st division. Those teams are decided by the four periods and the two best ranked teams who haven't won a period.
Thx. So it is pretty safe to assume that Roda won't have to be in it, but Den Bosch probably will. Btw, I heard a few good things about Bart Van Den Eede with Den Bosch. What's your impression of him, chivu?
Bart van den Eede has been linked with Willem II. Mark Wotte will be the coach and he wants Bart to join Willem II. Van den Eede joined FC Den Bosch at the time Wotte was still the coach there.

My impression of Bart van den Eede is that he's a fairly good striker. He's not really fast or a brilliant technician, he's on the right spot most of the time and a good header, his penalty kick's are good.
Michel said:
And he is just 24 years old. :tongue:
Oh, yeah!
you must be refering to his intervieuw on Studio sport... :D :tongue: :rolleyes:
What was with that interview then? :confused:
In the Voetbal International seasonguide they made a mistake with his birthyear. In stead of 1977 they had 1973, so the interviewer thought he was 28 years old. Since they talked about the interest from other clubs he said that it was about time for Bart to move to another club since he was already 28 and then Bart came: 'No, no, I'm only 24. That was a mistake by Voetbal International. '
So after that the phone kept rinning from clubs that were interested.;)
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