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Nacompetitie, Sparta and Den Bosch go down

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Nacompetitie: Group B

Group B of the Nacompetitie is determined:
Sparta, Excelsior, :star: ADO Den Haag :star:, and Volendam.
Very nice. Excelsior, Sparta and ADO in one group :) This can be very interesting. :D Two teams from Rotterdam and one from The Hague. The sentiments will be there, so I think we can expect some nice games from those teams :D
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Without a doubt the toughest group of the 2. I think it will be go between the three clubs from Zuid-Holland with perhaps Volendam a deciding factor, but for now I would see them as the dark horse. Sparta hasn't won and scored in ages, so they really need to turn that round to stay up. For the city I would like to see Den Haag represented again, but the supporters...
In Group A there are only two teams left who can win the group. No suprise that those teams are Den Bosch and RBC. Since they have the best teams available. From those two I prefer to see RBC back, since they play more attractive than Den Bosch.

Group B could be a battle between the two clubs from Rotterdam if they both win their games today and with the link between Excelsior and Feyenoord the decision isn't hard to make whó I rather see next season.
I prefer Sparta as well. Even if it's only because of the tradition of that club.
I really wonder if Feyenoord wants Excelsior to take the step to the highest level. It always surprises me how Excelsior plays really well throughout the season, but not in the decisive games of the 'nacompetitie '.

All will depend on Wednesday when Excelsior plays Sparta at home. I want to go, but you need a clubcard, can you imagine that:confused:
I think it would be nice if a Feyenoord clubcard could also be used for Excelsior-tickets..... But then again, this is Holland.....
Sparta really ****ed up yesterday. So my prediction about Volendam turning out to be a deciding factor might turn out to be right. At least we are secured now of two still very exciting rounds in group B.
And then there were only three.....

Unless we'll have a miracle, it seems likely that Sparta will go down for the first time in their history. They lost to Excelsior tonight, which means they need a win on sunday and hope that Excelsior will lose in Volendam.
The ADO fans showed in the other game, why we don't need them. That game was suspended after 30 minutes (0-1 down, and 1 player off), when supporters threw stuff on the pitch.

In the other group RBC could only drew 2-2 against Emmen, which means they will need to win in Leeuwarden to win promotion. Assuming that Den Bosch will win in Emmen.
I saw the match live tonight, Sparta was so poor, they really deserve to relegate. When that will happen, talents like Mendes and Boukhari will surely leave, than what's left...:confused:

If Excelsior does earn promotion, they can only field 5 players that are owned by Feyenoord, that's KNVB regulation. According to UEFA it can be 6 if I'm not mistaken.

RBC was great tonight, except they miss so many chances, even more than Excelsior.
Forza ADO!
After 30 minutes the match was stopped because of the violence coming from the crowd while Volendam was leading 1-0 and an ADO-player received a red card........

Great guys! I think you will be enjoying a great year full of successes next year.... in the 2nd division!
On wednesday they got a letter with a bullet at Sparta. If they didn't sack Rijkaard something serious would happen with Rijkaard and his family. :rolleyes: How sick can you get? :(
Welcome back RBC and goodbye Den Bosch!

I assume that this will mean that the above average players at Den Bosch, Mourad Mqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmrat and Bart vd Eede, will be sold. They need the money in Brabant's capital.

I hope RBC will do better as the last time in the highest division. Against Ajax in the cup they already showed that they can play a decent game of football and with Den Ouden and Vos they have a nice couple upfront.
With the current scores, Sparta requires an even bigger miracle. At the break they're 1-0 behind and Excelsior is 1-0 up at Volendam.
At the end Volendam did what Sparta needed, but it was Sparta themselfs that screwed things up. Another 3-1 defeat at home against a team that was already out of the running. A long history goes down, but also a very mediocre team. If the rumours are right Winter will quit football now, what is a positive sign and the likes of Boukhari and Mendes will be sold now.
I don't know what to think of ADO Den Haag for now....
Very good that Excelsior made it after 15 years in the second division. They really deserved it after a great season. Also good for Feyenoord, now the talents have to prove themselves at the highest level.

With RBC and Excelsior, the First Division will gain two teams with attacking, atractive football. Therefor it's good that Den Bosch is out again. On the other hand, now we have FC Zwolle and I don't think they'll play that different.
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