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N.7 S.Conceicao

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I have opened this topic just to say him: thanks, good luck and goodbye Sergio, right wing of the Double winners '99-'00! I truly hope that he will do great things also in Parma.
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I agree with you Jena25, he really showed he is a world class player in the Euro2000, so I guess we will miss him. Bye Sergio and good luck at Parma, hope qe can get you back nex year!!!

Well we sold him too cheap and im so sorry to see him go :mad: He was a true champion and a true Laziali!! I will never like Zenden like I did Conceicao :mad:

But i guess Cragnotti knows what hes doing

Maybe hes trying to make Claudio happier and give him number 7 ;)

Andyway I hope we rotate Stankovic and Zenden a lot,
the midfield for me:


Just like Salas Conceicao should leave Lazio for the lack of respect they got :mad::mad::mad::mad:

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They should have given Stankovic to Parma instead.
Conceicao was a top player, Zenden though probably not as good is a good substitute.

yeah.I like conceicao,so my nickname....I also like almeyda,they are both my best love,but on the summer just they leave,I don't know what Crag.. think about,one is the best middle defender,one is the best right wing and they both love lazio.but ....I don't know.....
Well Il Torro yes Conceicao is a better player but Stankovic is easily worth quite a bit more than Conceicao because of his age and great talent!!
The same reaon Pinzi would be worth more than Lombardo!!

man...why conceicao have to go?really why he have to go i dont get what is in cragnotti head!i never heard name of zenden i even didnt know zenden is playing for barcelona..really i never like a deutsch player!!i like conceicao man..why he have to go...i hope cragnotti know what he doin...i hope that he didnt do a wrong desiscion like sell vieri last season
Goodbye Sergio :(
I'm sorry to see him go, but that's football.
Good luck', i'm sure you'll do something great with Parma.

Forza Conceicao
I'm so sorry to see him go. :mad:
He diserves better treatment from Cragnotti and from Lazio.

It doesn't matter to me how many goals Crespo scores, it wont get me my Conceicao back.:mad:
I can always let Almeyda and Conceicao go.But not this way,seems like they are looser(of course they're not).:mad:
We sold them too cheap,they are both stars,and many teams are surely jealous with us for having Conceicao n Almeyda.
'n to make it worse,roumor has it that zenden will replace Conceicao,how come????????????












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Bye Conceicao :( :( :(
It's very sad to see him leave, and especially that he leaves Lazio in such situation :(
I'm rather upset at the way Cragg handles that transfer, Conceicao not being consulted first and all that...
If players have to leave, can't they at least agree to that, instead of being compelled to do so? That's not good for Lazio, IMO.
Zenden is a great replacement !!!! You may have loved Sergio, but its just as sad :( for Barca fans(excpecialy me) to see Zenden leave. I think you will learn too luv Zenden because he is so fast and personaly, i think, is better then Sergio.
It is sad that sergio had to leave but its time to move on.

It sucks, doesn't it?

Conceciao was the last player in Lazio I expected to move, especially since he did so well in Euro 2000 :)...
Knowing the fact that Almeyda is leaving has already broke my heart, and now that Conceciao is leaving too... man, I hate it when things like this happens!
But what can I do? I don't own the club. I can only say goodbye to both Almeyda and Conceciao, and wish them the best of luck in their new club.

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I am sory for him too, but Crag wanted to bring Crespo to Lazio and this was the only way:mad:
Thank you Almeyda and Conceicao for everything you've done for us. I wish you both luck at Parma.

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