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I think Cragnotti has totally lost his mind, if this is all true what I have read, he is CRAZY!!

We just won Lo Scudetto, and now he wants to sell the team, that achieved it all!! :(

The main thing I hate, is the Argentinian invasion, it is TOO crazy too even think about.


And now Crespo, what the f*ck!!
We are losing our Italian spirit!
This is something we should never lose, no matter what!
And just think about the problems we can ran into!

About the possible transfers:

Lopez, in attacking view, ENOUGH!
We dont need no more strength upfront!
With him, Salas will be great again, and Inzaghi will become even better with Lopez next to them.
Therefor, I say, no more strikers needed!Lopez can score aswell!

The midfield, dont even dare to touch it!

The defense, all should stay, though I think Sensini wont be that useful.
But there must be reinforcement, you all witnessed how our defense turned into whatever you want to call it, when Nesta was missing, ok, Couto is a hell of a defender, but we need a back up.

The goalie, Frey is a FANTASTIC choice!!!
If this will be true, Woo-hoo!!!! :)

So I say: Lopez in, Frey in, and a good central defender, but NO Argentinine one!!!
Thats it!!!!
Dont waste the money on useless purchases.

Rivaldo, forget him!!
Way too much money, and no place for him!
Same goes for Figo.
Nedved and Conceicao, love them!
They dont need replacement there.

Vieri, this one is hard for me, I know what I have said, Lopez is enough, but for this guy, I shall make an exception I THINK, and only for him!
Though he has negative issues, like no loyalty for the team or any team, and he is injured alot lately.

Crespo, I think I made myself perfectly clear, I have nothing personal against him though.

And then those rumours about names like Hasselbaink, forget that!

And when we play against Juventus, make sure Couto will play upfront, so he can kick Paramatti all the way into the ground!!

I have spoke!


my main man michel, i like your point of view. only we are the champions, and we are the club floating on the milano exchange.
we are smoking and way ahead of the other clubs. we got the financial strength and possibilities like no other club. momentum is in our hands and hell, why not use it!
we get crespo, long nose juve and thank you for paramati. as well as using our financial strengt to keep salas.

man, this is what it´s like to be champions. we´re on top of the world, and we can just laugh all the way to the bank. this is the same situation that juve, milan, inter´s been enjoying for the last 20 years. i´m cooking, we´re just about the hootest thing since sliced bread.


p.s maybe an extra lagavulin

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VAN DER MAN; It's understandable that you're on a pink cloud because of the Championship- I would be too, bu there are just a few points on which I think you're kidding yourself.

Lazio way ahead of others financially?
It's correct that Lazio going on the "borsa" generated alot of available funds. But as a company relying on flotation to decide business value you have to look at income/expenditure. Lazio has massive running costs and it's not more than two-three months ago all the big news-sites told us that Lazio was once again in the red with their half term accounts. Not only in the red, but they had recorded the single biggest loss over a 6 month period for any Italian team ever. Ovbiously qualifying for the second group stage of CL and later on the quarters + commercial proffits from winning Lo scudetto made the start of the second half term look better, but concerning net capital You're still in for a loss if you're loking at the entire 1999-2000 season.
Lazio went out and bought Lopez for how much ? - I heard an estimate of 30 mill. $ which seems a "normal" price for his quality nowadays.
Baronio is piece of cake because he was already a halfshare and therefore he cost about 6mill.$ if you can believe italian.soccer.com on this one (at least that's how I remember it).
You needed a new goalie; obviously Lazio should only aim for quality and thus You're after the best keeper of the season- Frey.
Only thing is that You already paid some 8mill.$ for that Uruguayan keeper Carini or something. How much will Frey cost then ? Inter won't let him go for free. Maybe you'll give up on Pancaro then to make headway in cutting down the prize of that one. Then you further need to solidify your defence. See where I'm getting ?

Then we're onto Crespo which many of you believe is now in the sack. Rumour is Salas+ Almeyda+ 5 mill.$. That's the sickest thing I've seen for a long time!! Salas is a 20-25 mill.$ rated forward- Almeyda at least 15 and then add and additional 5 million $.
45 mill.$ ! That's almost Vieri prize !!
Where will You go on defence then (Lazio's biggest concern)? One centerback and a left wingback. How much will you pay then ?
Add it all up and Lazio will be spending more than 100 million $ in money/player market value in one off-season. AND YOU JUST WON LO SCUDETTO!

Remaining trade items: Ravanelli, Boksic, Gottardi, Ballotta :) + possibly Stankovic and Marchegiani. Apart from Deki there's no money in those anymore, and you still need depth.

Cragnotti was quoted at Gazzetta On-line at 23.20 Friday evening saying that paying out Rivaldo's release clause could be an option after he had been in contact with the player or agent (as far as I know it's something like 63 mill.$), but let's just forget that as neither of us really believe in this anyway.
On top of ALL this Lazio ALSO want's to build their own 50.000 capacity stadium just outside Rome, which won't exactly be a cheap operation.

If he pulls this off (I know I'm going into extremes, but some of you Laziale seems convinced he can do it) Lazio will soon be in as massive depth as Real Madrid.

Juventus and Milan could actually pull out 100mill.$ from net capital alone, but it would be taking a huge chance (even for the most established clubs in Italy with superior financial backing in Agnelli and Berlusconi), and at the same time these new expensive players would command salaries to match their sales value.
Lazio is NOT in that position, and eventhough I think it's adventourous and exciting to follow the rise to power of Lazio, Cragnotti seems to be gambling SO hard. Had this been in a western European country shareholders simply wouldn't allow it. That's why Man.U are propably the richest club there is, but they will never be able to invest like Lazio because their shareholders won't allow it. -And the reason they won't allow it ? It's BAD, BAD, BAD business in the long run.

Very interesting to behold though :).


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Michel I agree with you...
But keep calm..Don't believe to press...
La Gazzetta dello sport is not pink it is blue and black...
Cragnotti must be mad or a anti-laziale if he does this...
But i would be very sorry if Almeyda goes...He is really great in todays football.and he has a very important role...If he goes we can not replace him...He plays with heart..I like the banner " Undici Almeyda " .It means a lot...

Also, I don't wanna speak about selling the best player in the world...I don't mention his name as well,Because i can lose my mind if Cragnotti sells him to Inter...

ciao glen, right about the money, but what about the momentum. when you´re trending upwards it´s so much easier to find finance, and we´re trending upwards. just suppose that lazio were a dot.com company. we have a brand, we´re champions, we´ll play in the cahampions league next year. the whole world knows about lazio. there are fans from asia(like indonesia), africa, south america (due to obvious reasons) and all over the world.

if we are a dot.com company due to our brand, which only by judging the traffic on this sajt implies the interest. we should be valued quite high which implies that we can take in more money over the exchange to finance our purchase since the incomes are coming from other revenue sources than before due to the webb that makes the top clubs global in a sense that never been before. to say it short; the winners are on a shrimpsandwich. hence, we as reigning champions have a market value that gives us an edge compared to the other clubs. which i think we should use.

may be it that it comes a world wide depression, which totally changes the values and the present opinins. but until that i belive that fuzzball is trending upwards as entertainment and sports are gliding together which creates more value as sajts, tv, radio mm, needs content.


p.s please keep inzaghi (just kidding)

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Totally agree with you Michel ! Lopez - Baronio is enough transfers for the season and if Frey comes OK ! That's it. The only big problem last year was the attack ! And Lopez is someone who creates chances and can score goals so this problem is solved. Maybe we should get one tall striker but not a crazy price..
What Cragnotti don't gets is that you don't need the best 11 individual players but you need a 'team' of 11 players ! If i would see argentinians play i go and watch some River - Boca game or so.

When we look at our team of next season with the buys of Baronio, Carini and Lopez we would have this team :

---------------- Lopez -- Salas / Inzaghi---------------

Nedved ------- Veron ------- Simeone -------- Conceicao

Pancaro ------ Mihajlovic ----- Nesta ----------- *****

---------------------- Marchegiani ---------------------

This team seems ok to me when we have also :

Att : Ravanelli : Is he staying ??
Boksic : Will leave

conclusion : we need one striker as backup, why not a young italian who can develop from year to year...

Mid : Sensini, Almeyda, Baronio, Stankovic, Lombardo
We have to much central midfielders i think so we should maybe sell one and because Almeyda is the one who wants to leave sell him to inter for what they gave (25$)

Def : Favalli, Couto and Gottardi.
Maybe we need one defender more, what's up with the news about Thuram on Laziomania. Cragnotti can't buy everyone..

GK : Marchegiani may not be the best but he is ok and saved us many times this year and with Carini and Ballotta as backup it seems ok to. Frey is a good buy for the future , but again, where is the money coming from ??

Transfers that will do it:
In : Lopez 30$, Baronio 6$, Carini 8$, Frey ??
Out : Almeyda 25$, Boksic ??$

NO to Rivaldo,Crespo,Figo,..

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I mainly agree on the transfers
buy Baronio, Lopez, Frey. But the one problem i see is what is the point of having 3 keepers that are about the same age.
concetti will be wasted and why buy carini when we will buy frey?

Also i think buying olive (midfielder) and Materazzi(defender) would be great as putting more depth into our squad would be good. They are in the first 11 for perugia and would be good enough for lazios bench. But Parramatti would have been good too. Im happy to see that Cragnotti is thinking about reserve players as well!! :) :)


If we don't believe in our president anymore we could stop watching football. Cragnotti is the best thing that has happened Lazio...ever !
And here I read that he is crazy, maybe. But thanks to that we have won everything that we have won so far in the Cragnotti era !!! REMEMBER THAT !

about the money, I don't think you really understand how much money there actually is in Italian football. Somewhere I read that Fiorentina can't afford someone's wage... are we kidding ??? Cecchi Gori could, if wanted to, buy all our best players if they were for sale and pay them all the wage they asked for. And they are the 7th team of the top team.
In Italy the Presidents of the top teams have so much money that they could buy everyone they wanted to. Maybe the club, for example Lazio, can't afford all the players because Lazio is on the stock market and have to keep a good balance in the economy. But Cragnotti could take money from Cirio (which would be like taking money from his own pocket)and buy Rivaldo, Vieri, Crespo and so on.
This money talk is just noncence... because the money is not a problem. For Lazio it could be a problem because the shareholders maybe won't appreciate Lazio loose $$$$$$$$ every year...this could lead that people sell their stocks. But Inter, who is not on the stock market, can buy how much they want and the money are not from the club but from the President.

Forza Lazio

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Very true Angelo. The Presidents of the big Italian teams indeed have the possibility to buy playes out of their own pocket (which is what Moratti does). They cannot buy them out of company capital though (as You suggested with Cirio). That would damage Cirio stocks, and Cragnotti must please his shareholders. That's the way it is in any business.
Like You said Yourself, the problem is only there because Lazio is on the "borsa".
Many teams have been recording poor financial results over the years, but as long as it's a "closed" company there is no law preventing them from moving on in the same vein, if they can agree with their creditors. Being a team "floating" that's not the case, which is why it astounds me to see Lazio this aggressive on the transfermarket after You just won the title.

Anyway I'm certain Cragnotti is a good business man, and obviusly he knows Lazio's finances better than I do :).
It's just that I would sell my stocks immeadiately if a President was grossly indepthing the company. And no matter if he has enough money aside to cover the losses- that's what he's doing.

NB: Obviously I'm not saying that it's a bad thing going on the stockmarket. If Your business is sound and You're making proffits it's a great way to generate capital and develop You're club. But as this is not the case with Lazio yet- the marketvalue of the club is actually deterioating instead.


Michel said it all...good point men....you really know what is football all about unlike many others on this forum..............

READY STEADY GO!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS TIME TO ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Michel Great Post!
we have Baronio,Lopez and Carini already.
so we don't need Crespo,Figo or Rivaldo!!
After we get Frey,we'll only need 2 defenders(1 central and 1 left+right,and italian please!!!!!!)
and if Salas would be sold,we'll need a striker too (Montella,maybe)

and Bobo back of course!
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