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Here are my ratings considering the whole 2001/02 season. The expectations and the role a player plays is taken into consideration.


Peruzzi 6,5 - nothing wrong with his performance but, like the rest of the squad, couldn't raise his level in the important games.

Marchegiani 6,5 - just like last season, Luca was always there when needed. An important part of the team with his experience.


Favalli 6,5 - true Laziale might have played his last season with us and with style, as always. I'd miss him. A lot.

Pancaro 5 - nightmare season for him. Bad mistakes in defense, couldn't take an offensive role like in the Scudetto season. Dispensable.

***** 5,5 - got a huge load of crap from the fans but still fought well every time he played. His level of play is dropping year-by-year, maybe it's time to move to a smaller club.

Cesar 5,5 - didn't get much chances and played accordingly. Could be useful in a couple of years if gets his confidence up.

Nesta 6,5 - overall a good season but the derby nightmare lowers the grade.

Couto 6,5 - fit perfectly into Zac's tactics. His lack of speed wasn't a factor and controlled airplay like always. Well done, Nando.

Stam 6 - was somewhat shaky in the autumn, but after the suspension played quite good games as a wing back. Important player for next year.

Mihajlovic 5,5 - not that bad when appeared but the lack of playing time showed in his offensive play. Bye bye, Miha.


Fiore 5,5 - didn't find his role the whole season. Got better in the spring but still way too little offensive contribution. Should be given another year, though.

Liverani 6 - he's too slow to become a star but brought some much needed imagination to our offense. romanista or not, he should have a role in our next season't squad.

Simeone 6 - the horror injury ruined his season, but I liked his performance when he played. Hope he gets the Atletico contract and moves out of Italy so Lazio fans don't have to learn to hate him again...;)

Giannichedda 7 - looked like a spare part under Zoff but Zac knew his old cornerstone. Wonderful season.

Stankovic 7 - fortunately his Viola move didn't take place. Finally realized his potential. Our most consistent offensive player.

Baggio 5 - was used in all kinds of positions in his sparse playing time and failed everywhere. Not needed anymore.

Mendieta 5 - all has been said about his season. Was out of shape in the autumn and never improved a bit. The potential is there, might be worth another chance.

Poborsky 5,5 - couldn't match his performance from last year. Still it's a shame to see him go.

Castroman 5,5 - postponed his breakthrough for a year at least. Holds the ball too much and has the bad habit of diving but the potential is there.


Claudio Lopez 6 - improved a lot from last year but still not near the the player he was in Spain. Definitely should be given another year, though.

Crespo 6 - vanished when most needed. Was troubled by injuries but still more was expected of him.

Inzaghi 6 - close to being a great player, one healthy season might do the trick.

Kovacevic 4,5 - he got his chances but couldn't do anything right. Anything.


Zoff 5,5 - trying the three-man defense was a risk that failed badly.

Zaccheroni 5,5 - got us the UEFA-cup place but should have taken us to Champions League. Too cautious tactics, especially in the decisive games. Add two derby losses to that and Zac's career at Lazio should end here.


Players like Gottardi, Colonnese and De La Pena weren't included since they played so little.

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Well Kaf, I agree with most of your rating, perhaps Stam too could deserve a 6,5, and maybe Cesar's rating could be 6. Unfortunately the Brazilian wing had to face Stankovic's brilliant competition for that role and moreover Zac has quite neglected him. But I think that in the few chances Cesar had, he was pretty good. Ah, Lazio shouldn't never sell Beppes, right? :)


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Kafka, great stuff I must say. Theonly thing I don't gree with is Liverani's rating. He is simply not god enough and only played 3-4 good games. He should go. And my opinion has nothing to do with him bring romanista. :)

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The Liverani issue isn't so much about whether he sucks or not. It's about what our aim will be for next season. He is a good player with a nice left foot and a cool touch on the ball, but he just isn't good enough for a team that's shooting for titles. Liverani's been the closest thing to a playmaker we've had this season, and being objectively critical I have to say it just won't work. In order to fight for the league, we'll need a better player, with more "character", in that position.
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