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If we can maintain the rights to Guiseppe Taglialatella we have the best GK duo in Serie A.


We can use some reinforcements here. We have Adani who is good, Repka has potential but he isn't my favorite. Pierini is regular serie A material, nothing more nothing less.
So we need 2 strong central defenders to have a solid defence. Thank god I didn't hear anything about Paco (zaragoza) anymore. He sucks in my eyes :cool:.

So my options are:

* G. de Rosa (Bari) He is a sweeper/DC and is good enough to replace padalino altough it is not sure he'll leave but de Rosa will be a good indepth signing anyway.

* L.Cufrè or S.Méndez (Gimnasia and Velez) Both young argentinians, both youth international. Mendez was also linked with other Italians teams like Internazionale.


If Torricelli stays we only need a strong left sided Wingback, Felipe is the number one option.

Further more we could use some fresh blood. The midfield part is good so the players we should sign should be young talents.

M.Rossi and I.Vannucchi (Both Salernitana) Can play at wingback and as attacking midfielders.
C.Brocchi (Verona) we have an option on him but we don't hear anything about it anymore. He will be a good signing.

Let's hope Rui Costa stays........


enough is already said, we need some refurbishment here...

Nowadays you can't win anything if you have at least 4 good strikers on your team. We already have Chiesa and Mijatovic.
Both good players but both +/- 30 years of age. So we need some younger guys to do the job. And if we can sign Baggio also we'll have 5 great strikers.

Ventola and Trezeguet are my number one options.

We can form a team which would look like this:


---Cufrè---de Rosa---Adani---




Other team members (forgive me if I forget one :))

Padalino (if he won't leave)
Di Livio

I think this team is capable of doing a good job in one or two years time. We all know that the team we had last year was relatively old, I think that with these reinforcements we have signed some young (Italian) talent (Brocchi/Ventola/Cufre). Some more experienced players in there prime years (Trezeguet/de Rosa/Felipe, OK he is still young but has some Brazil caps so we may expect something from him) and with R.Baggio we signed a crowd pleaser and a local favorite.

I thinks these signings

Brocchi, Ventola, Cufre, Felipe, Trezeguet, de Rosa and R. Baggio, are not too expensive and we can sign them all with the money available.

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It looks like we have made a 1.5 Million pound offer for Daniel Andersson of bari...would be a great deal at that price...Also torricelli possibly on his way out...Neither sounds to bad to me and youth on this team would be a welcomed addition.

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Last thing I heard, Bari wanted about £10 million for D. Andersson which I think is ridiculous. As for Brocchi I heard he dissed us big time and chose Inter.
Also, am I the only one that thinks the Felipe deal wont happen? Why else would they be talking about Zenden who is basically the same type of player.

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I'm really not sure on the defenders we need, I mean Repka has looked pretty good so far in Euro2000 but has just had an average year for us. In midfield I think we should move for Paulo Sousa, I think he's a really skilful holding man, if not him then Di Biagio. I think a midfield of Sousa, Rui and maybe even Di Livio would work. Up front, I also like Ventola, but I'd be happy with one of Montella, Trezeguet or Zahovic. I agree with you ST, the Felipe deal must be dead, it's been rumoured for months and still nothing has happened.

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Goalkeeper: Keep Toldo and Taglialatela

Defender: Heinrich and Toricelli should stay, how about a new central defender? Laursen? Zebina?(Inter closed to sign him)

Midfielder: K E E P Rui Costa!! buy Brocchi. How about german player? :) Jeremies?. A new playmaker, such as Aimar.

Attacker: Fio badly need a new attacker :)
Jardel, Ventola, Zahovic?

__________________ Toldo _____________________

_Toricelli ___ Laursen _ Adani _____ Heinrich_

___ Cois _________ Jeremies ________ Brocchi _

____ Aimar/Zahovic ___________ Rui Costa _______

___________________ Jardel ____________________

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Terim likes to play at 4-4-2 formation.So the tactic may be


Torricelli Adani Padalino Repka

Di Livio Rui Costa Cois Heinrich

Chiesa Mijatoviç

Also I heard that Miloseviç is ready to come.
so La viola needs a good defender and 2 good strikers
Terim has 70M$ to spend
he knows his job

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ur all talking full of poop
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