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My personal list for anelka replcements

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It has come to the attention of alot of madridista's that since anelka is gone, we need a top quality replacement. We payed alot for him, and need a good replcement. Here is my list:
Recoba-Inter: Top quality player and wants out of inter. El chino would fit in perfectly. Baggio over Recoba? The pope is muslim?

Catanha-Malaga: We have shown alot of interest in him, but have'nt gotten the signature. Scores like a serial killer on the lose, can't figure out why he is with a club like malaga as he is obviously at champions league level if you get my point.

Saviola-River Plate: Very very very very very very very very very talented. It would be a perfect fit; he has matured for euroean level, he was voted best south american player of the year by El Pais newspaper. Could you imagine If Barca buy Aimar, Saviola against Aimar this year in Spain?

Muzzi-Udinese: Most underated italian forward. Great skill, don't know his age and is up for a cheap price. He is like ronaldinho(Gaucho) - $20 million :)

Zalayeta-Juventus: In my opinion, second to recoba in Uruguay. Was by far they best player for uruguay at the copa america, can play good with the big boys, after starting vs. inter and setting up a goal, but a spell at Sevilla.

Phillips-Sunderland: Best english striker. People might argue, but it is my opinion. No player has brought his club up so high like phillips did with sunderland. Scored the most goals and keegan should cry about not substuting him for stupid ass shearer.

Daniel Montenegro-Independiente: Alot of you probably don't know him, but bring up his name in argentina and the people will rave. Scored great for my second club(independiente is my second club) and is second too cambiasso on independiente.
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first of all montenegro has already been bought by marseille
the perfect replacement is diego tristian.
because he isnt a high profile striker and therefore wouldnt mind sitting on the bench.
spaniard, i saw last game's goal where montenegro chested the ball down and scored one from 30 yards....very nice! he is a promising young player.
I'd just read Marca Digital (http://www.marca.es/) and it seems Catanha's move to Deport broke down. Perhaps we can grab the chance and let him team up with Munitis again. They could come in useful at times when we rest our key players like Mori.
I like your selection SPANIARD. If only Florentino would listen to you...:(
I would like to add Ronaldinho Gaucho to the list. Perez should be going for these players especially with the amount of money that Perez is thinking of blowing off. Any of these would be ours.
With so much money to blow-off, definitely go for Ronaldinho or Saviola. Arguablt the two finest young strikers from Brazil and Argentina respectively :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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