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My own conlcusions of all the rumours...

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Buffon and Crespo stays. I say that because Juventus are after Anelka and Lazio are close to Frey.

Cannavaro and Thuram, should stay since there have been very little rumours about them this year. Juventus have an outside shot at Cannavaro but that seems to be just talk.

Farinos and Rui Costa will join Milan. With Gerard and possibly even Riquelme and Fiore also going there I'm starting to question the players sanity. They will all demand a place in the starting lineup. With Ambrosini, Albertini, Boban and Gattuso already there I can't see how they can fit everybody in...
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Rui will stay with Fio, at least that's what I've heard even after the departure of Bati.

Milan will 4sure sign farinos and Gerard.
Fiore will go to either Milan or Juve.

Hi my name is Scream and I support Fiorentina....

and what's your kick in LIFE???????
Rui Costa will NOT join Milan.He will probably stay at Fiorentina but IF he leaves I'm sure it will be for Parma.IF he joins Milan (and he wont) then Riquelme will be up for grabs.I have also my doubts on Farinos.I dont think Milan will get them both,its either he or Gerard.Lets hope Milan chooses the overrated and overpriced Gerard.

We really dont know what Tanzi thinks...

Parma will fight back...FORZA PARMA!
I have also something else in mind...Parma still hasnt give the ok for Roque Junior's transfer...remember a rumor about Tanzi asking Ambrosini to allow the Brazilian join Milan? MAYBE Milan is buying Farinos for one of these reasons:

a) to offer him at Parma for Roque Junior
b) to replace Ambrosini who will be offered at Parma for Roque Junior

Sound reasonable moves to me...

Parma will fight back...FORZA PARMA!
Riquelme will most probably join Milan at the year 2001, at least that's what the manager of Boca insists. Unfortunately the deal with the Valencia's players seems almost finalized. We can offer you Farinos for Junior or whatever, I don't care. And yeah, Rui Costa staysin Viola, though I doubt Crespo would remain in Parma (yet I prefer this instead of him joining Juve). And I feel we should keep Ambrosini (Amo, I hope you'd like Farinos more).
Of course I prefer Farinos over Ambrosini! he is better and younger...

Parma will fight back...FORZA PARMA!
I took a look at the official site and under "what the papers say" they had this:

The Corriere dello Sport claims that the Gialloblu's new plan is taking shape. No major changes to the squad, just some improvements around the edges. "Malesani to stay, along with Buffon, Cannavaro, Crespo, Thuram and Amoroso. Pincolini will be the new fitness coach, while Vecchi will be the Goalkeeping coach."

and this:
The Gazzetta di Parma provides some final transfer stories. "Pincolini no longer on the cards for Parma. Valencia's midfielder Farinos has been lost to Milan."
Personally I detest Ambrosini. I wouldn't want him in Parma, ever! He's a diving cheat, just like Pippo Inzaghi. And if it looks bad when a thin midget like Pippo dives it looks even worse when a full grown does the same... :)

However, I think and hope that Milan signed Farinos to trade him for Roque Junior. Or a way to get even at Parma so to speak. :) I just can't see the point in bringing him to Milan. They have both Ambrosini and Alberini. Sure, Farinos is better than the two italians but because they are just that, italians, they will be tough to bench.
So we make a deal :) unofficially of course cauz we are not related to the technical government of any of these teams :). But yet I think we can get something better than Junior for Farinos from you. And if you rate him so much it's even better. :) Now we only have to convince the bosses of both of the teams to open negotiations.
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