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My oppinions on Transfers 00/01!!

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Cragnotti has done a heap of transfer work lately and up till now it looks like we have signed: Peruzzi, Carini, Colonesse, Baronio, Zenden, Crespo, Lopez, Pesaresi Lombardi and Crovari!!

Peruzzi: Price $17mil. This guy is a great keeper and had a great season before joining Lazio. I think he cost us wayyyy too much if you compare him to Man Utd "mega" transfer fee of about $11mil. Will do a great job for 1,2 and maybe 3 seasons till our future great keeper Carini takes over!!

Carini: Price $8mil. He is the man to carry on after Peruzzi. Looks to be the future of keeping for Lazio and no doubt will be great!! He has promised so much from the games that i have seen incluiding Copa america and WC qualifier vs Brazil!! Bargain by I think!! I think that he will also have Lazios other youth keeper on the bench for many years also!!

Colonesse: No money involved (swap). We traded Lombardi for this guy. Lombardi was a promising young player but at least for this season Colonesse will be a lot better. Plays wing back i think and usually was on the bench for inter last season and will probably do the same this season. He will fight for a place on the bench with favalli :)

Baronio: Price $8mil In my opinion is Italies best young player just edging out Pirlo. He had a great season at Reggina and many said he was their best player!! Followed up his great season with Pirlo to make the best combination in youth Euro 2000 and will be a lethal weapon off the bench for at least the start of the season and may end up starting later on in the season!! Another great buy

Zenden: Price $14mil. He is supposed to be the replacment of Conceicao. Will play on the left moving Nedved onto the right. I have seen Nedved play on the right a few times and it doesnt seem to bother him, one of the games was the last league game of the season 99/00. He ois very speedy and very cheap since Van Gaal has resigned!! Good buy and nice and cheap!! Now we have 3 players that can play left wing :)

Crespo: Price $56mil. Has just had his best season of his life and will probably get better and better since he is still only 25 and still top reach his prime. Still managed to get 22 goals in a struggling Parma last season even with so many injuries around him and players in and out every week!! He and Lopez will make the best attacking combination for Lazio ever....Even better than Matador and Bobo!! I have very high expectations of him and i think he will fill them. Like Peruzzi he came a bit expensive but as long as we win its ok :) Thats an if

Lopez: Price $26mil!!!!! If you ever saw a bargain this is it!! Lucky for us his buy out clause was vbery cheap or he could well have cost as much as Crespo!! As svennis would say hes the "segunda punta" going around and also score many goals as we saw in the 98/99 season for valencia when he was 3rd leading goal scorer afer i think Rivaldo and Raul (pretty good for only a segunda punta:)) Lopez and Crespo were just born for eachother and add Veron to that and we have S-C-U-D-E-T-T-O!!!

Pesaresi: Price 1mil + Marcolin. I know nothing about this guy. A regular young defender from Sampdoria!!

Not that this was enough Crag has gone shopping again and bought us Fiore + Gianichedda for $40mil and loaned them out to Udinese for 1 season for a total of $6mil!!
Also to Udinese, we sold Pinzi and Simone Mazzei for a total of $7mil

Now for this season he wants another star called Luis Figo!! He is offering Stankovic + Salas and Barca could not decline that since Figo seems to be leaving either to lazio or real and they wouldnt want Figo to go tpo their main rivals!! He would fit into right mid and push Zenden to the bench!! This would for the 5 best attacking mids/strikers in history i believe :):)

We should also get a young player or a bit of money back from that deal!! Salas is $35mil + stankovic, thats more than Real are offering for Figo!!

Another thing is DeLaPena is wanted by Barca but i hope we keep him till Fiore comes and then sell him

Our Sales have been: Ballotta, Lombardi, Almeyda, Conceicao Boksic.
Mancini has retired and Concetti and Cinelli have gone on loan and will come back champions :)


Veron + Lopez + Crespo + maybe Figo :) and Nedved spells S-C-U-D-E-T-T-O!!!

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It's a good tranfer season for lazio and look all set for the up and coming season and champions league, Figo ??? wow have a lot of players to chose from and if there are no championships this coming season it could see some changes in the lazio coaching staff
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