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Great post!
At least now I now why so much emotions are involved in your posts (and sometimes Ceccos)
Lazio is a big part of every true fans life.
Lazio is a every true fans life :)

"tu non sarai mai sola"

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Going to bed at night and leaving my pc on so the next morning when I get up the first thing I see apart from the wife and kids is my LAZIO E BASTA desktop!

Paying 5-600mila lire(2-300pounds) a month of phone bills so I can keep up with the latest news about LAZIO and not giving a **** when the wife starts yelling about spending too much time online!

Smoking a packet of cigarettes in 2 hours while watching a game and not emtying the ash tray in case it might bring jinks against us!

On Sunday morning when I wake up and the wife says come on we'll take the kids out shopping today and I reply " You must be f***** in the head, don't even joke about it!" (well, not exactly that way)

When Lazio score a goal and I crash the house, the neighbours come knocking at the door to see if everything is ok, I simply reply" Well, I
just finished beating the **** out of my wife" Only kidding but that would be the answer they would be looking for.

When Lazio is scored against, hmmmmmm, I hope there is nothing or anybody around or else!!!

Incase of victory spending an excellent day and night not to mention week of celebration and bragging!
Incase of defeat spending the same time picking up the phone and calling my bro to find out something positive out of all this!

Day and night trying to figure out why we are the most hated team in serie A, " BUT [email protected] WE THE RASCIST FAN CLUB?" and never coming up with a decent answer!

As time goes by realizing that my love for this special team grows bigger each day, and not giving a f*** if we win or lose everything!

Teaching my kids the Lazio song"LAZIO, UN AQUILA CHE VOOLA...LAZIOO..."and listening to them say roma merda, e juve ladra, just breaks me up!

"You're FIRED" if any of my staff dare to say LAZIO *****. Believe me it has happened, well it almost did, they got away with a yellow card.

Basically I can go on and on but the basic point is that SS LAZIO is my life along with my family, they have to put up with me when there's a game, and it's not that easy.
I'll probably end up living ten years less, but at the end of the my time I can say,
As they say "It's better to be KING for a day than a dog(lupo romamerda) for life"

P.S. I hope I didn't bore you but I just felt that I had to post this message!


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respect cecco, that was one post from the heart.


it ain´t over til the fat lady sings (even though she may be on the last freaking verse)

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A blast from the past!

A Cecco masterpiece from the early days!

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I dont see anything special about this............

This IS the way I expected Cecco SHOULD be.

Forza Cecco
Forza Lazio
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