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im man utd in a network game, in the first season i had £40mill to spend, i bought Robinho for £6mill, Renato for £2.8mill, Trabelsi for Free, Chris Eagles did wonders for me too, played him for a few games

well i finished 4th :mad: my mates who were newcastle, liverpool and arsenal came above me, while my mate who was chelsea came below me :D damn liverpool managed to get a good side :mad:

at the end of the season i sold Rvn for £65mill to Real, i got Saviola/Raul up front now and had loads of free's with Davids/De Pedro and more :D

can anyone recommend me a keeper? :D

here are some handy links


cmsorted have a new update out if you want it, but no saha to man utd yet though :(
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