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Hello guys, this is my first post in the Brazilian forum, which is pretty active I see. Good job, keep up the good work.

I saw a great interview of Ronaldo (after the Yugoslavia match) the other day in France Football (04/02/2002, issue n° 2921) and I thought you might be interested so I translated it for you. Here is it fellas, enjoy: ;)

Ronaldo, did your performance against Yugoslavia reassure you ?
I’m really happy at what I’ve done Wednesday night. All went according to plan, like I had hoped so, even better. I had trained a lot in order to avoid any new muscular problem, and I didn’t feel anything of this kind. I think I was quite mobile, I tried things, I shot on goal. Yes, I’m happy at my performance, most definitely.

How did you feel prior to the game ?
Quite fine. The group is wonderful and they did everything to help me. And thus, I did my best, to the max, I tried to give them back a bit of what they did for me.

On the pitch, all dreads have vanished then ?
Yes. My only problem is that I’m not 100% physically-wise yet. I have to keep on working in order to recover all my sentations. And most of all, I must find the competitive rythm back.

You don’t regret not having scored when you had the opportunity ?
I miss a couple of them. Let’s say I keep them for the World Cup.

You only took part in the first half. You didn’t wish to play a bit longer ?
No. To be honest, I was exhausted. I couldn’t stay on the pitch any longer.

The rythm was that intense to you ?
In any case, it was higher than any of my training sessions. What matters is that I did not have any muscular worry. I just was running out of breathe. I lack shape, that’s obvious. I have and I will improve to be more performant. I’m on plan to do it with the Seleçao and in the campionato with my club, Inter.

Do you feel like having shut everyone who had doubts about you and your will to get back ?
I don’t care. I’m not trying to take revenge on anyone. The only thing I care about is me and my return on the pitchs, the World Cup, to score goals. I know what I had to go thru those last two years.

During the match, did you manage to forget about those last two years ?
When i’m taking on the field, I only think about the game. Not about bad memories. After 5 minutes, I already was focused on my match.

After this match, do you consider changing your play-style which requires a lot of physical energy ?
No, I won’t change anything. I’ll keep on playing like I always did since my physical worries are done.

Do you think your performance has convinced your head-coach ?
Why not ask him ? As far as I’m concerned, I do everything I can to come up to Scolari’s expectations, he trusted in him despite the fact that I’m not at my best. Now, I’ll do my best to give him his trust back and I think that I strided along in Felipao’s mind after those 45 minutes.

The supporters’ reaction also must have pleased you…
I didn’t deserve all that much. In fact I don’t ask anything, except that the population gives me their support into me and into the team, like they always did.

Some of them were surprised at your selection since you don’t play with Inter. What’s your answer ?
I understand the criticism, that’s logical, but I’m doing my best. If I cannot give everything yet, if people are not satisfied with my performances, I ask them to be patient. Once again, I have 2 months left and I’ll do everything it takes to keep on improving.

Today, in which state of mind are you ?
I’m even more optimistic than I was early in the week. My aim is to become the #1 again, to get back on top. I have the ideal age to take on this World Cup. I’m gonna get myself very well prepared and I’m gonna succeed. You know, I always obtained what I wanted.

Is time running out to you ?
No. I’m sure I can recover more than an interesting level in 2 months, high enough to helpthe team and even more.

I know that you don’t like to dwell on the past, but what will you remember of those 4 years ?
I had very difficult moments. But it’s all forgotten now, I don’t want to look back. Today, I’m happy to be back among my Seleçao team-mates and I look forward to the future. Because I finally feel like being rewarded for all consented efforts. Yes, it gives me pleasure.

During those last two years, where did you find the strength to hold on after you had to undergo two operations on your right knee ?
The love of the game, that gave me the strength to comeback. I love the ball so much, to play. And to win. I reckon I had to go thru very delicate moments and that I suffered a lot. Physically and mentally, yes. But you know, I never gave up. I always wanted to comeback, I always took things positively.

But we can imagine that those 4 years must have looked like an eternity.
[laughing] You know, whatever we do, 4 years are 4 years. OK seriously now, some days were painful, yes…

Sincerely, you never had moments of doubt, of discouragement ?
[Smiling] No, no, I never lost moral nor hope.

Do you still imagine the worst, you missing the World Cup ?
First and foremost, I must admit I’m not there yet ! Now i don’t think that way. In fact, I don’t make plans, I rather stay focused on the next match and not go too fast. But I have faith.

Who are your favourites for the World Cup ?
I have three of them : France, Argentina and Italy. Three real good teams, one gear above the rest, in my opinion.

What about Brazil ?
Brazil appears to others, especially in Europe,a bit recessed. Less dangerous than in another time. Apparently, abroad, we don’t inspire the same fear, the same respect than before.

Many people think that the Seleçao is not a great team anymore. Is it the reality ?
I think it’s better in a way that people speak about us, that they think we’re less good. The important is that the group believes in him, in his abilities. And we know for a fact, I can assure you, that we’re able to go very far in the competition.

Rarely has Brazil appeared so unreliable before a World Cup though…
No, that’s nothing new. In 1994, people didn’t rate us that much and we won. Four years, we were also quite criticized before travelling to France.

Your group (with Turkey, Costa Rica and China) is said among the easiest. It’s an advantage to get well into the competition ?
That’s what people say, but will still have to play those 3 matches !

Today, you appear like the main offensive weapon of the Seleçao and all the pressure will be upon your shoulders…
[Interrupting] Pressure doesn’t scare me. I’ve always known it and I’m used to it. If the supporters put so much expectations on me, that only means they know I have much to give them. I’m proud that people count that much on me. But I’m not the saviour, and even without my presence, the Brazilian team is very strong.

Romario wanted by the supporters, what do you think about it ?
Off course, the supporters, aswell as the journalists by the way, have the right to have an opinion and I understand what they think. Everybody has to do his best in order to help the team. Now the word belongs to Scolari and he decided to build his group without Romario. And, on this very topic, I have nothing more to say.

Are you unpatient to find your best level back ?
No, it’s not really unpatiency. Off course, I’m dying to play regularly and to make myself distinguished in scoring goals, but once again, I don’t want to go too fast. I’ve already been dissapointed so many times in the past, thnking I had fully recovered and in the end, I ended up with more problems. It doesn’t yield anything to take risks. I’ll do it progressively so that I get back all my confidence.

You know how many games you played in 4 years time ?
The exact number ? No, I don’t. A tad more than thrirty, I think. (Note : he played 58 times) But not enough. The first two seasons after the Mondial of 1998, I played quite a lot of matches in the Calcio and with the selection, whith whom I won the Copa America. But the other two seasons, it’s clear I would have liked to play more.

So, tell us, how many goals you’re willing to score during the World Cup ?
[Laughting off his ass] Good question ! I don’t know how many I’ll score exactly. A lot, hoepfully. But what would make me even more happy is that Brazil goes very far.

Till the finish ?
Why not… ?

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Well, steph...thanks for translating that whole interview
someone has to say that, right? :)

Btw, where is Adriana Lima on your avatar!

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Adriana is probably having some vacations, lying down on Copa Cabana's sunny beach with 20 bastards around her. We'll get her back soon, hopefully! ;)
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