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Hi all.......I am a frequent visitor to the site but not a frequent poster.

However, after the events of the last couple of weeks I felt it was time I got out my frustrations and voiced my concerns for my beloved Man Utd.

I have been a supporter since the mid 1980s when I was old enough to understand the game so these are not the rantings of some gloryhunter I have followed the club through the good and bad times.

This post is really to air my frustrations about what is happening to the club because slowly but surely Fergie is ruining everything he has achieved.

Here are the things that I currently believe are wrong with Man Utd:

(1) Lack of Assistant Manager - I believe it has cost us dearly that Fergie didn't get anyone in to replace Steve McLaren - on many occasions this season his tactics have been inept to say the least. It is interesting to read in his autobiography that on many occasions over the years he would take the advice of Archie Knox, Brian Kidd or McLaren during games about tactics. He lacks such a figure now to give him advice and that must be his first task during the summer.

(2) Mikel Silvestre - the beginning of the rot began the season after we did the Treble and Fergie changed what was a solid, world-class defence of G Neville, Stam, Johnsen and Irwin and got Silvestre. Mikel was useless in his first couple of seasons and many of you will say that he has improved this season - I disagree, whilst he has gotten better going forward, his defensive play stinks and in the two big games against Leverkusen and Arsenal at OT he made costly mistakes.

(3) Selling Jaap Stam - only Fergie knows why he did this, and whilst signings like Schmeichel, Cantona and Van Nistlerooy have been astute, getting rid of Stam and flogging him in such a way was criminal. He was a ROCK and what do we have now ??? Just complete uncertainty with Blanc, Brown and Silvestre. Granted Blanc has had a fantastic second half of the season but how long can his old legs last ???

(4) Ryan Giggs - the man, one of my faves - but Fergie no longer knows where to play him, Giggsy always looks uncertain. He should be LEFT WING.......our devastating success was built on 2 wide men........Giggsy on the left and Becks on the right.......now Fergie tells Giggsy to drift in all the time and he is too lightweight to perform consistently well up front alongside the recognised frontrunner.

(5) Transfer Dealings - two seasons ago Liverpool bought 5 players and then added Riise last summer, two seasons ago Arsenal bought Pires and then bought 5 players including Campbell a player we should have been in for.........who have we bought in the meantime ??? Barthez (to replace Bosnich), Veron (misfit), Ruud (silver lining on the gloom) and Forlan (unproven). My point is that they have CAUGHT us up !!!

(6) Fabien Barthez - this guy is error prone and too short !!! he got lobbed in so many games this season when say Dudek, Seaman or Sorensen wouldn't have examples include:
Freddie Ljunberg vs Arsenal away
Danny Murphy vs Liverpool home
Oliver Neuville vs Leverkusen away
All of these were big games - he looks suspect at corners because of his height and he never installs confidence. Half of our defensive problems are because no one trusts him. Just look at our defeat against Arsenal away and Deportivo home and you will see why.

(7) Juan Sebastian Veron - an excellent player but NOT for utd and NEVER will be. He has disrupted our midfield and the form of Scholesy. Fergie needs to offload him back to Lazio.

OK, they are all the problems which have either been brewing or are currently plaguing us.

However, the real reason I wrote this post was because I am completely gutted at our performance against Arsenal the other night......it epitomised everything that has been festering at the club. That made it 9 defeats and losing home away to both the Gooners and the Scousers.......its not that the Gooners are champions or that the Scousers will finish second.......but the fact that we were totally outclassed in that match. You only had to compare the quality of the two defences to see the problem.

Fergie needs to do the following over the summer to sort the situation out:
(i) Get in an Assistant Manager
(ii) Sell Dwight Yorke (as he obviously doesn't want him at the club)
(iii) Buy 2 centre backs : Hofland/Ayala/Nesta/Thuram
(iv) Buy a new keeper : Sorensen/Poom/Mondragon
(v) Buy a new forward : Duff
(vi) Buy a new midfielder : Van Bommel
(vii) Sell Juan Sebastian Veron

In my opinion Fergie is a GENIUS but he needs to act quickly to sort out this mess........and reinforce the squad by getting in 4 or 5 players just like Liverpool and Arsenal have done over the last couple of seasons. Provided Becks signs his contract and Keano is in the middle I have every faith we can bounce back.

What do you all think ???? :)

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i agree with almost everything u said..however, even though barthez is relatively short, there are hardly any keepers in the world at the moment who are better in one-on-ones...hes also an excellent shot stopper and has great grip on the ball....i think ure too used to having schmiecall in goal..but the fact remains, schmiecall is one of the best (if not the best) goalkeeper in the history of football.. i am delighted to have such a match winner playing in goal for man united, and only the likes of toldo, dudek and buffon are better (arguably).
i also think veron should be given one more season to prove his worth, as most players take a long time to adjust to the EPL... in addition to that, i agree with the you when u say fergie shouldnt disrupt the scholesy midfield. in my opinion, when both scholes and veron are on form, i would prefer scholes in the united midfield, as hes more suited to the EPL, hes a more gritty traditional going forward midfielder, whereas veron has too much south american flair.... but he should be given a chance..

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Classy post Pav.From now onwards.......read less and post more.;):D

I agree with you on some points while I disagree with you others.

First I agree that Fergie needs an assistant soon.Jimmy Ryan is an excellent coach but he aint a good assistant manager.He just aint a Kidd or McLaren and fergie needs to sort this out during the summer.Before,I guess,Fergie thought that he could do off with Ryan since it was his last year at the helm.However now since he has changed his mind Fergie better get a more experienced #2 to help him out.

I disagree with you on Micky Silvestre.Fine his mistakes have cost us a couple of goals this season,the Bayern and Arsenal goal comes to mind,yet thats been the trend of our season so far.....hasn't it.:(Individual errors from almost everybody all over the park has time and again cost us games.:depress:While Silvestre's defending is far from solid but going forward he is excellent.Also his overall technique has improved through the season and I fell its just ur frustration talking when u criticize him so heavily.;)

Selling Stam was totally unexpected.Here was the defender who was the foundation of our defence and Fergie suddenly decides to sell him off.there's more than meets the eye in this case and Blanc just wasn't a good enough replacement.He struggled to find his feet when he first arrived and though he has improved in leaps and bounds towards the latter stages of the season,yet we cannot rely on him......can we?:(Fergie's gotta get a couple good defenders at least and more importantly organize the defence which looked in 6's and 7's all throughout.:rollani:

Transfer dealings???:confused: :confused:I bet when Fergie bought Seba every United fan was jumping up and down in delight.True the Argentinian is yet to show his true class but give him a season more and I am sure he'll show his worth.Forlan is an excellent buy,IMO.He is young,quick,intelligent and most of all,alays eager to learn.Once he gets that first goal,he'll go from strength to strength.Need I say anything about Ruud.;):)Its only the sale of Stam which has cost us a lot and also the failure to bring in an adequate replacement.

Barthez has saved us in numerous occassion during the length of the season.Whatever he lacks in height,he makes up with tremendous agility and like OZ said Fab's a brilliant shot-stopper.He had a disastrous start to the campaign but has recovered fantastically showing the true class of this Champion.I'd only replace him if we got someone better than him and there aren't many.;)Perhaps Given would be a great replacement of Fab.:)

When a team loses 6 home games,it doesnt DESERVE to be crowned Champions.Just a year ago 6 defeats at Old Trafford was unthinkable and also unimaginable.Now this season we have lost to teams like Bolton,West Ham and Boro(no disrespect to these fans;)) at home.We lost a further 3 games away and in total 9 games lost out of 38.Good enough???..........NO WAY!!!!!Fergie has to take a look at this and make sure that Old Trafford remains the fotress that it was just a season ago,when travelling teams were elated if they got a point out of here.:rollani:

Transfer dealings during the summer.........

1.Bring a couple defenders namely...Ayala/Hofland/Thuram/Ferdinand.Sell of Phil Neville.
2.Bring in a striker to partner Ruud.Ole's been great but we need another top-class striker to create competition.Also sell off Yorke.
3.Get an assistant manager.
4.If Fab leaves,get someone good like Given,Laundreau
5.Veron might leave,if thats the case get Duff or van Bommell from PSV.

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Pav said:
Hi all.......I am a frequent visitor to the site but not a frequent poster.

First of all, good to see you back Pav.

Secondly, you've basically said it all.

Like Shafiq, I don't think Silvestre is a direct reason behind our abysmal this year, I think a lot of it had to do with Losing Keane, trying to Integrate Blanc and then Veron, and also the fact that Arsenal played bloody well for basically the whole of the season.

I agree though, that our transfer dealings have been poor for about the last 2 seasons. If we are to have any chance next season, we need a new centre back, with proven class, who is about 25 or 26. We need another forward, with experience. And we need to start breaking someone in for Keano, as his role is going to start to diminish soon. He's not getting any younger, and the role he plays is a draining one. Combined with mounting injuries, age is starting to tell.

I agree whole heartedly on the assistant manager point. I don't think Jimmy Ryan is up to it. Fergie might not have liked Kiddo, but he was someone to bounce ideas off, as was Mclaren, and they obviously handled the training as well. The number of injuries we've had this season, has to be a testimony to losing Mclaren to boro and not replacing him properly.

And the players obviously feel something along these lines too as they just haven't been properly motivated going onto the field the last month. scholes, Giggs, Butt.....not particurly good performances to round the season out. Maybe the number of different positions they've had to play has had something to do with this, and a lack of preparation?

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I would like to add one point and that hold true for all teams who have had a spell of success.

A team starts not to train as hard due to recent sucess and start to take their opponets lightly, once on top of the hill most clubs go into cruise controll while those clubs chasing in the pack step up their pursuite.

Ive seen many times when Real step on the field and are shocked that their opponets are not laying down like frighten dogs.

I thik Man utd had such a hold on the EPL that they were shocked when they hit rocky patches. I think next year you will see a different team with more fire, since they have to prove to themselves that they are the best.

just a thought!

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agree with most things apart frim silvestre,i think he`s been quite good this year especially the second half of the season.

it`s quite obvisous we need a couple of central defenders and maybe another striker,cause dwights gone for sure.

not sure what to do with veron cause as pav said he just doesn`t fit into our system,and basically we have to change our formation to accomadate him which is one big reason we dropped alot of points at the start of the season,i would much rather go with the trusted 4-4-2 with scholes and keane in the middle,scholes is just wasted when he plays wide or even upfront.

i think we should hang on to barthez unless we can find someone better and the names being mentioned at the moment surely a not.

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Van Nistelrooy said:
Pav i agree with some of what your saying except the Barthez one. Would you seriously consider replacing France's no1 keeper with Estonia's no1?
Hi again all, thanks for welcoming me back - I never actually went away, but my work is such that i only get a chance to look in and not to write out posts like the long one i did because i am replying from work and at the moment I am moving around the Uk and very rarely in one office for long !!!

I agree that perhaps Poom isn't a better keeper than Barthez - but it is time for a change.

My first choice would be Sorensen though - following in the footsteps of having a great dane in goal. I also like Mondragon - he was excellent in the Champs Lge against Liverpool for Galatasary. Alternatively I would love the French No 2: Rame. I am sure you will question the fact I would like the French number 2 over the Number 1 but I think he is a way better keeper.

Basically anyone but Barthez - I want the defence to have confidence in their keeper again !!!

As for Silvestre - I take on board all that you are all saying but the fact is the guy can't defend and he makes too many basic errors - sometimes he looks like a schoolboy with what he does. Point taken though that he has improved this season. However compare him with Riise and Ashley Cole and I think they are both better left backs. I suppose it just comes down to individual preference and he certainly isnt mine !!!

Anyway thanks for your replies to my post - all in all, the main thing is that we all want Utd to bounce back next season - 9 defeats is a lot to take !!! NEVER AGAIN !!!

;) ;)
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