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My dream team

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I love most of the players at Inter now...But here would be my dream team...Assuming that certain player comes back to form and Inter does some wise transfers...Its not too different..

Simic - Blanc/Nesta/good young guy - Cordoba
Zanetti - DiBiagio/Farinos/Baronio - Seedorf - Recoba
Vieir - Ronaldo

This is very possible....We can have this maybe even by January...if this team stays healthy and has a little bit of time to stay together, they will rip the Seria into shreads...

I really think that they should play Recoba on the wing next year if and when Ronaldo comes back...Otherwise, start him as forward with vieri/sometimes suker as striker...

This will also push seedorf back...I think he is a better edgar davids type players rather than a playmaker...
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The question is can we stay healthy..
ALso remember we will be playing alot more games this season.CL/Coppa Italia/LEague/
We should develope backups for midfield and attack/

Everything always looks good on paper..Hopefully by the end of JUly all of this transfer crap between teams should be over so we could really know what formation we can have!!
Well, you can forget Nesta, that's for sure... Other than that you already have all the players (except for the good young guy--you can have N'Gotty from us :)) so I guess this means you're almost certain to win the scudetto next season. :)
Nesta is untouchable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
God saves you if Lippi has any ideas on playing Recoba at left wing back...
well nesta is no way gonna go to inter
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