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Well, we're a u16 squad playing in a u19 league. Yes, that;s grade 11's playing against university boys. Before we talk about indoor, let's get filled in on outdoor, shall we? In Ontario, the pyramid of play is divided into three (real) leagues: Provincial -> Regional -> District. We managed to clobber everyone in our district league (losing twice in the month where I busted my knee, ;)), and are going into Regional, one step below top flight. The reason for us (finally) winning the league was simple: a new coach. He completely rejuvenated the team. Indoor for us is more like a tryout for outdoor. There are too many players for a single squad, so we split into two, and mine is the better one. Truthfully, me being on it is a big part of it. The other keeper is frankly too weak for this level of play. On with the squad, shall we?

Dominik Sikora (me) GK - I'm quote an odd type of keeper you see. My aerial prowess had vastly improved over the summer, yet I still consider that my weak point, which really is ok for indoor. Coaches will point out I don't communicate enough, and to that I agree too. My strengths are agility and bravery. I've never backed down from a one-on-one, even after a screwed over my knee. I'm small for a keeper and nimble on my feet, which may lead to some dramatic saves. I'm prone to the odd mental error, but I haven't made one in a long while which is great. That said, I am also prone to a gravity defying save ;). Very Dudek-esque.

Sean Ethier DF/MF - Was to play midfield for us, but certain disruptances will force him at the back for this year, which is good because to me, he's much better there. Good ball skills for a defender, yet he's clumsy. Great in the air, both feet are fine, can crack one from long distance as well. His main specialty though, he can go by players with somewhat ease. Played in Provincial last year (top flight), but needs to work on his strength and passing.

Anton Toutov DF/MF - As with Sean, bounced back to defence due to discrepancies, except I don't want him back there, we need him in the middle. Actually a year younger than the team, he played at the heart of the midfield last season. This kid is something special, great vision, passing, footwork, strength, heading, tackling, and last but most certainly NOT least, his log range swerving bullet. I honestly can't find a fault to this kid. He could play for money.

Jonathan Kuracina DF - Henceforth known as Jonny K. Tall lanky kid, played his first year with us last indoor, turned into a revelation. With Sean leaving for another team in the summer, he slotted in perfectly to the right back spot. Good in the air, amazing (AMAZING) tackler, and is superb with footwork. Would be a great defensive mid if he had any idea of how to anticipate play. Sometimes gets a bit involved as you'd expect, needs to work on conditioning alot (not so much for indoor). Unluckily we won't get to see his signature slide tackle in indoor as it's prohibited. That move is great fun to watch, he never ever misses someone with it.

Chris Rahim DF - Absolutely massive fella, no one ever pushes him around. Even in this u19 league, he will be stronger than any striker. A robust defender, he's unbeatable in the air, and is quickly improving his passing game. Still, seems a bit weak on the ball and has no (read NO) left foot. Sometimes when he's with the ball I get pretty nervous.

JJ Bosica MF - Another year younger kid, JJ was brought in for 6 games last year's outdoor campaign and will play fully next year. Predominantly left footed, his right is a smidgen worse, easily the best two-footer one our side. Good on the ball, and a laser beam strike, this kid's fault lies in his passing. The passing itself is fine (maybe a bit too heavy at times), but he needs to learn when to give it up sooner, something he did very well of in our last outdoor match. Very solid midfielder both ways, which definetly helps considering he's partnering this next guy in the middle.

Felipe (Phil) Benevides MF -Ok, where do I start. This kid is an enigma. When indoor season comes around, he is absolutely the best player between Ottawa and Toronto, no joke. Then outdoor comes, and he doesn't even earn a starting position for us. Why you ask? Think about the difference between indoor and outdoor, and look at these pros and cons.


- technical ability rivalling C. Ronaldo
- most accurate finish with one of the hardest shots on the squad (from within 20 yards)
- short passing/through balls best in southern Ontario
- I seroiusly need to mention his foot work. Let me give an example: our school team was playing a rival squad in an indoor match, and Phil received the ball at the edge of the box. While we're yelling at him to shoot, he waits until the entire 5 man team closes him down. He proceeds to beat every single man easily, then one more guy who caught back up, then the keeper, then taps it in. It was the best goal I've ever seen with my own eyes, I do not doubt.


- does not defend at all
- has conditioning of a 10 pack-a-day smoker
- smallest kid on the team
- slow as a snail

Now you get it?

Jared Savory MF - Another younger player, Jared had the best ratio for goal scoring last year. Good technical abilities, possibly better finisher than Phil, and a workhorse. Not much wrong with his game other than holding on to the ball too long. Has alot of goals in him.

Ben ?????? MF - A year older than the rest, he's a friend of Jonny K's. I've barely seen him play, but from what I have he looks like a good shot with fine ball skills. Quite a big lad too.

Jesse Siciliani FW - The last of the younger years on our team, Jesse is the most annoying player ever, for the other team that is. Typical Italian striker, absolutely dirty. Smoehow he rarely gets called. Not all that great at passing/ball skills, but is always there when a scoring chance arises, would compare him to RvN. Small but fiesty little bugger that I'm glad is on our side.

Matt Borges FW - I'll try to be nice, but frankly, he was our worst player in outdoor. Can finish when he gets the chance (even in the air where he's shorter than Phil!), but he's way too slow and not conditioned. He's like a worse Phil. Might get us a few goals, but looking at our two strikers, the bulk will come from midfield.

Here are the lines:

Line One


Line Two

Rahim.................Jonny K

First game is October 2nd. Won't post until then unless something happens. Ciao.
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