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My 100st post

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My 100st post, so i have to make something usefull from it, I think we should buy a extra striker for next year they's are my choises:

K. Andersson: Expierenced swedish striker who is tall(good for corners) and has a good shot, only a bit old but well suited to the italian league.(Bolonga)

P. Mboma: A tall heavy striker who can head and shoot very hard, i don't think technicly not very good.(Cagliari)

A. Bokic: Maby a bitt to expencive but all the less a very good striker only is quick injured and is selfish.(Lazio)

O. Bierhoff: Tall and a leathal header but also very expencive.(Milan)

F. Maniero: Also a tall heavy striker, don't think he accepts to be benched, i think he would be cheap.(Venezia)

D. Sesa: a swiss international not so old i think 27, so he will be more expensive more of a winger really like Stanic.(Lecce)

G. Lentini: Also more of a winger technicly
very good also.(Torino)

Tell me wich you would choose or if you have additions also i only took players currently playing in the Serie A because we need an adapted striker
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Beppe Signori - Cool guy with an absolute killer left shot. I'm sure that he wouldn't mind being #3 if he got another crack at the Scudetto and perhaps even playing in the Champion's League. Even if it looks increasingly unlikely that we will...

Marco Del Vecchio - Underrated italian striker who's good with both his head and his feet.

Bam Bam Zamorano - Very good with his head and he might beon his way from the San Siro. He would be the ideal choice since we could use someone who's strong in the air.

George Weah - Great dribbling skills, very experienced and used to pressure.

Roberto Baggio - But his ego pretty much rules him out. It would be cool though... :)

Roberto Muzzi - Underrated but a good player. He also have plenty of experience from Serie A.

So who would I choose then? I would have to say Zamorano, or maybe Signori...

Hear the triumphal march of Parma!
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but beppe is a bit short, i would choose
Andersson or Mboma, because other won't want to be benched or to much $!
Of all these names the only one I would fancy at Parma would be Muzzi (and Signori of course).

If we want a good,tall striker I have one name: LUCARELLI

The sun will rise again...and it will be...GIALLOBLU!
I have another: MARIO JARDEL. Obvious huh? :)
We wan't a backup striker labas, one who can fall in when Amo and hernan are on international duty next summer.
Jardel is to expensive, muzzi yes i also like him but only one year at udine maby a bit pricy maby a swap for Stanic?
Luccareli is still young and i think expencive
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