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Mutu To Rangers ???

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Inter’s Adrian Mutu has agreed to join Rangers, according to Italian press reports – but the Scottish champions' chairman David Murray continued to deny the story on Friday.

Newspapers claimed the signed-and-sealed move ended speculation that the £5.5 million Romania striker was set for a loan season in the Netherlands with PSV Eindhoven.

But Murray explained that both Rangers and PSV had been offered the young Euro 2000 star though an agent – and Ibrox coach **** Advocaat had dismissed the approach.

Earlier, PSV chairman Harry van Raaij said: "We would like to buy Mutu but Inter want to be allowed to recall him at a time favourable to themselves.

"We cannot reach agreement over this issue and Inter will not discuss the possibility of us buying Mutu outright."

The 21-year-old Romanian, who played three times in Euro 2000, is seen by many as a successor to Gheorghe Hagi but cannot break into the first team at Inter because of the presence of Ronaldo, Christian Vieri, Ivan Zamorano and now Hakan Sukur.
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It would be smarter to loan him out to an Italian team or else he won´t get the experience and he won´t be to any use when Inter get him back.

For you who doesn´t know this, there´s a big difference between the Scottish league and Serie A.
I think Mutu proved in Euro2000 that he is a really good player and is only a little bit of experience away from being a world-class attacker. Can you guys imagine a future Inter team with Mutu, Ronaldo, Pirlo, Recoba, Cordoba, Frey, etc.? Awesome! I don't think Inter will let Mutu go at any price. Inter would rather let him rot on the bench.
you are right Recoba
Recoba , you are totally right!;)
But mutu wouldn't want to play in a minor seria a' club...:)
has he signed with rangers
Vidmar? What ajoke.....


Mutu wil obviously beloaned out but hopefully for him it will be to a nice club where he can get attention.

Sadly for him it seems like he will never truly be an INTER Player just like Dabo and Frezzolini.

I'm tired of all this talent being replaced by even younger talent on and on and on. What is teh sense in doing that all it does is keep up the pathetic cycle....over and over and over........
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