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The overbraged England must be stop, for goodness sake!!!

I do no question the england midfielders or strikes, but the defence ???best around europe?

My suggestions for germany natinal team midfield. USe the following (formation use4-4-2)
Albertz from Rangers for left midfeld. Centre
use Tarnat and Scholl and right midfield use Basler.
Strike force will be make up by Jancker and Bierhoff. No comments on defence as i seldom take notice in germany national defenders. But surely all are better than Ink-girl-learn!!!???
By the way i am not germany fan , but the fact all opposition for england national team is my ally!!!?

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Basler back into German squad?, not likely
And with so many players in the team that play in teh Bundesliga it's unlikely that a german player, unless a star like Bierhoff, will be included in the squad. Although the young talent is pitifull low right now, Ribbeck will still opt for the young eg Deisler,Rink,Ballack aswell as old eg bierhoff,matthaus,effenberg(he should really be in the team, he' so infuential) Bundesliga players to carry the nations hopes.
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