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Barthez - 7.5 - couldn't really do anything about the goal, a bit dodgy on a couple of crosses tho, no real saves to make

P.Neville - 7 - decent but nothing more, mediocre defensively and added nothing in attack

Blanc - 8.5 - usual class and style, MOM today

Wes - 7 - decent match, not really a bad one, generally played well but lost his man a couple of times which could've cost us

Micky - 7.5 - not a bad match by Micky, attacked well and defended decently too, but caught out of position a couple of times as well

Nicky - 7 - his worst match in a long time, not that he was that awful, but lost possession too often. Was outnumbered by the Bayer midfielders. Still won plenty of balls but his distribution wasn't good enough today.

Scholesy - 8 - thought he was our best midfielder on the day, put in some good challenges and was the only midfielder who tried to create something, especially in the first half. Wasn't as good in the second half tho.

Seba - 5 - I understand resting him for European matches, but why were we resting him today??

Ole - 7 - decent, no more, lucky goal, almost scored one more.

Giggsy - 7.5 - was all over the place, lost a lot of possession but really, who could blame him, he was all alone out there.

Ruud - 7 - worked hard all night but like Giggsy, was way too isolated, good penalty as usual tho. Missed a couple of chances at the beginning of the match.

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barthez -6- poor communication
wes -6- little determination
micky -7- solid and resilient
gaz -8- a great start and the game wouldn't have been mucj different had he not been injured
larry white -9 best i've seen him play. confident and assertive perfomance
nicky -8.5 this fella epitimises the word united. gave his all for 95 minutes
scholes -7- nothing spectacular
solskjaer -6- satisfactory performance
veron -4- don't get me started on him!
giggs -7- wasted several great opportuniteis, not just in front of goal
RVN -6- wasted several chances to bury the tie

phil -6- lacks his brother's pace
denis -5- didn't have any time to do anything
keane -7-lifted the team once coming on

CROWD - absolutley flawless. expect a lot of sore voices tomorrow

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Barthez - 7
P Neville - 6.5
Blanc - 6.5
wes - 6.5
silvestre - 7
butt - 7
Scholes - 6.5
Veron - 6.5 (wasn't great, but had a few important passes, such as the one that lead to the penalty)
Ole - 6
RvN - 5 (I don't blame him for the first few "chances" as he couldn't reach the first, and the second was a very hard pass over the ground with alot of ppl in the pen area and Ole blocked his view a bit and miss kicked it too. But he just wasn't good today and lost the ball quite a few times. His second worst performance of the season for us IMO, with the worst being the Derby game).
Giggs - 6.5 (lost the ball alot, couldn't create much but worked hard)

All in all I'd have to say that we were off form today. But the Germans did play well and could have won so all credit to them.

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Barthez-6.5(couldnt do anything with the goals and apart from that had very little to do.)
Phil-5.5(Was at fault for the first goal and played poorly all game.)
Wes-6(Showed good pace but looks nervous all the time)
Blanc-7(Solid as usual,another good performance.)
Micky-6(Did his job but thats just about it.)
Ole-5.5(was non-existant tonight.Apart rom the goal and a volley,really didnt get into th game.)
Butt-7.5(looked like our best player and only one interested on the game.kept Ballack and Ze Roberto in check most of the night.)
Scholes-6.5(Started of well but then faded away.Him and Seba together just doesnt work.)
Veron-5(terrible....just terrible.Nearly cost us a goal towards the latter stages of the game by giving away the ball carelessly.)
Ruud-6(Lucio had him under wraps.Should have done better with a Giggs header.)

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Barthez = 7
Gaz = 7
Blanc = 7.5
Brown = 6 (ball watching again for their second)
Silvestre = 7
Veron = 6 (started encouragingly, but faded)
Scholes = 6 (ditto)
Butt = 5.5 (double ditto)
Solskjaer = 4 (where the hell was he?????)
Giggs = 6.5
RVN = 7 (tightly marked, but did alright considering the service)

phiz = 6.5
Keano = 6 (not long enough, but amazing to see him back so soon, it means theres still hope)

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Manchester United Player Ratings Vs Bayer Leverkusen (2-2)
Manchester United - Bayer Leverkusen | News Archive

Nicky Butt (L) was outstanding for United (Allsport)
04/24/2002. Barthez 6.5

Neville (G): Subbed on 19 mins: 6

Silvestre 7

Brown 7

Blanc 8

Veron 6

Butt 8.5

Scholes: Subbed on 81: 8

Giggs 7

Solskjaer 7

Van Nistelrooy 6.5


Neville (P): On from 19th min, subbed on 87: 6.5

Keane: One from 81st min: 6

Irwin: On from 87th min: 6

Top Notch:

Nicky Butt: Excelled in the absence of Roy Keane (who admittedly came on late), although his best work was done in front of his own defence. Never looked out of his depth and is on that plane to Japan and Korea.

Below Par:

Neither expensive signing was on top of their game, with Van Nistelrooy's touch letting him down, whilst Veron was totally overshadowed by a man who came through the ranks at Old Trafford and cost nothing – Nicky Butt.


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"micky" - 7
ole- 7
van the man-7.5

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Barthez - 7
Neville G - 7
Brown - 5
Blanc - 8
Silvestre - 6
Butt - 6
Scholes- 7
Veron - 4
Giggs - 5
Solskjaer - 6
Van N - 6

Just a really bad performance in every way. Its hard to believe that ManU could be SO casual in CL semi final. Almost every player had a poor game - only exception was Blanc.

ManU's passing was dire right from the off. Nobody knew what they were doing in midfield. The only consolation is that ManU can NOT play that badly again and will more than likely be a lot more fired up for the second leg. I only hope Keano doesn't get booked again in the semi final - but he probably will.

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Veron had a largely anonymous night ... he started very well...but after then he just disappeared .... far from the pass that lead to the penalty ..and the shot that lever's goal keeper made his best to avoid his team the third goal ..veron was a let down..( I am a die - hard fan for him ..... but when my favorite player plays very bad with my favorite team..thats the biggest blow to me ) :(

player ratings :

Barthez 6 ( not a very good match for him )

the whole defence except Blanc 4 ( I would give them zero if thats possible )

Blanc 8

the whole midfield 5 ...

Ole 4 ..... I missed him most of the match

RVN 5 ........ he did nothing much than the penalty

Giggs 6 ..... couldn't do anything under pressure

all in all......man united yesterday was a big let-down to all of us...but the good thing that we ganna win next tuesday :):D
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