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Fab - 9 - was good and saved our arses on a few occasions
Blanc - 10 - perfect game, his best yer for us, and that dribble for the penalty, bloody hell!
Gaz - 8 - fantastic in the first, not as good in the 2nd but a good game nevertheless
Micky - 9 - was excellent until he had to go off with a bruised thigh (I think)
Phizza - 7.5 - decent
Irwin - 5 - awful after he came on
Keano - 10 - fan****intastic stuff again from the captain + a winning goal
Scholesy - 9 - excellent
Becks - 9 - very good game as well
Veron - 9 - one of his better games for us, passed the ball around well, still lost too many balls mind you
Giggsy - 8.5- very good when he came on, good assist for the goal as well, wasn't the sharpest tho
Ole - 8 - did well though his last touch was poor
Ruud - 9 - fantastic stuff again, great penalty (thought he was gonna miss it after messing with the ball for yonks!), good all-round display, always dangerous when with the goal and that overhead kick, blimey!

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leeds and arsenal have just drawn 1-1 and with newcastle and liverpool failing to win last night it's looking great for united.

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my ratings!

IF i'm allowed? :nervous: :embarass: :smileani:

Well, here goes:

"Barmy" Barthez - 7 A couple of World class saves!

P Nev - 6 He's form has been fairly poor in recent games, a bad sign for Liverpool game?

G Nev - 6 Did ok!

"Silly" Silvestre - 7 Did ok as well!

Blanc - 7 Probably our best defender on the day, won the pen & read the game well at times!

Keano - 7 Scored the winner & played well again!

Scholes - 7 Improved in recent weeks but STILL not at his best!

Veron - 6 He did ok but nowhere near his best, his passing is still pretty good even when he's not playing good, great pass by him for Ruud's overhead kick!

Becks - 6 Like Scholes & Veron, far from his best, seems to stray from the right wing more than ever now!

Ole - 6 His worst performance for a long time, still did ok though but at times his passing let him down!

Ruud - 8* MOTM! :star: At the start of the season whenever he had to try & hold up the ball it just pinged off him & went straight to the defender but in recent games he's been holding the ball up like Hughesy in his hayday! His work rate has improved greatly as well plus he showed great nerve to score from the penalty spot!


Irwin - 6 Did ok but looks well past his best, sadly! :(

Giggs - 7 Yeap he has played better but he did set up the winner! :)

Butt - 6 Did ok when he came on!

No offence Liebero, but i think your marks were slightly OTT for scraping a 2-1 win over Blackburn at OT, that's why i didn't go mad with my marks! :smileani:

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Barthez-8.5(solid when called on and seems like he is back to his very best now.:))
Phil-6.5(poor,had no idea going forward and was constantly caught out on the flanks)
Blanc-9(superb,was magnificent today,reading the game well and also contruibuting up front.:D)
Gaz-7.5(did well whenever called into action)
Silvestre-7.5(good in the first half unfortunatle suffered a thigh strain and had to leave)
Beckham-8(Roamed around the park,passing the ball comfortably and working hissocks off whenever he lost the ball or got dispossessed)
Keane-9.5(MOM for his magical performance and got a goal to cap it off.:))
Seba-7.5(thought lost the ball too regularly and was involed in the game in patches)
Scholes-9(had his best game so far in the season,IMO)
Ole-7.5(didnt look like doing much today)
Ruud-9.5(Created history,worked his socks off and if only that overhead kick had come off:eek::D)

Irwin-4(pathetic,simply pathetic performance:mad: )
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