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Mr De Santis is nothing but a LIAR!!

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From Italian-soccer.com

Parma blames referee
It's the happening of the day, maybe of the month, even of the whole championship. When Massimo De Santis, referee of Juventus-Parma match, decided to stop the action after Fabio Cannavaro shot the ball toward the net, probably that whistle decided the Serie A league 1999-2000.

No one on the field, and neither later watching television images, understood why the official took up that decision. And if that goal could mean for Lazio to not take part in a playoff match to decide the title, for Parma it means to lose a basic point in the Champions League race.

A hour later the end of the match De Santis tried to justify that whistle: he said that he stopped the action since he saw two Parma players pushing opponents and he underlined he whistled before Cannavaro hit the ball. But television movies didn't testify the referee's words.

The comment of the referee provoked the reaction of Parma's director: the club in few hours figured out a bulletin about the official's speech "Parma always respected the choices from the referees, and even on Sunday, after the match, we confirmed this way to act, with no complaints from players, coach or anyone else!" the bulletin said.

"However since we read the declaration from Mr.De Santis to Ansa, we cannot accept he is trying to cheat and kidding us: television movies belie what he asserted!"


So it should be obvious that the referee has been lying about when he blew the whistle... I think it's just as obvious that he is lying about why he blew the whistle...

Basically Mr De Santis LIED! Like the cheat he is.
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