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Most influential footballer?

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From the standard


The French are pinning a lot of their hopes on Nicolas
Anelka but it seems the fallout from the French striker's
stroppy behaviour over his move from Arsenal to
Real Madrid continues to reverberate in his home country.

Guy Roux, who retired this summer after 39 seasons as
coach of Auxerre, said he was telephoned in the spring by
a grown-up sister of one of his youth players wanting to
renegotiate a contract.
Roux recalled his response: "Never before in 39 years has
anyone done this to me. You think you can do what the
Anelka brothers did. Well, I tell you, I don't want to raise
any little Anelkas in this club. I won't accept it. Go
elsewhere and break the contract if you must. I don't
Time for a pout, Mr Anelka.


I knew he would leave his mark on football

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hehe :)
i thought the topic would be about the future captain of arsenal or something
but instead its about anelka

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