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Most Creative Player

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My choice will be Denilson
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well IMO Denilson could certainly be ranked as one of the trickiest players but for genuine creativity Totti most surely be the best, his passes are outta this world and hsi vision is gonna bring the rep back to Italy soon:cool:

Fabien Barthez (for the other team)

Seriously, id say Zidane. On his day he could take any defence apart.
Ronaldinho Gaucho and Denilson are on top of it. :)
ZIDANE, all the others cannot even be compared to him in term of creativity. Watch him play and enjoy.
There are lot's of very creative players on this planet, but I will say Baggio. He still keeps doing it even in his older age. Just look to most of his goals and assists. One very famous one is the goal he scored against Czechoslovakia in WC90.
I would agree with Il Toro. My choices include Roby Baggio & Zizou. On a good day, Veron is excellent. Riquelme is also another one to watch.
It's a very hard choice, many great players in todays game. The South Americans have some great creators such as Ronaldinho, Denilson, Veron etc. which have already been mentioned ;)

Good point by IL TORO Baggio is still doing what he did today what he did a few years back, almost as good anyway ;)

I just want to make a point about Totti. I don't know why some people think he is overrated, he takes the piss out of defenders all the time as is always being fouled in an effort to stop him getting through, but I just can't see why people think he is overrated. Anyway, we'll see in June if anyone thinks he's overrated.
Even though I'm a Man utd fan I've got to say it's got to be the Dutch Master Dennis Bergkamp even if he's getting on in years but the skill he produced against Spurs yesterday was amazing, he had 5 players on him and managed to make them like fools.
Have any of you guys seen his goals this season?
Ronaldinho and Totti are the best in my opinion.
Juan Carlos Valerón:star: should be mentioned, he is IMO one of the most creative players, along with Tristan of course but he's not top creative. Zidane is one of the best definitely.
The most creative players who are veryt tricky IMO are

Zidane, Roberto Carlos, Ronaldo, Denilson.... Veron isn't too bad either.
the two most creative players are Litmanen and Zidane.
Litmanen has maybe even more vision then Zizane.
Totti,Ronaldinho,Denilson are useless.
Ronaldiho is not even the most creative player on his team.

Ask any PSG fan.

That distinction goes to Jay Jay Okocha. Like Denilson, Ronaldiho, Jay Jay has perfected the act of dribbling in circles.

I would say ZiZou is a more postive play maker than any of the other clowns.
Is it strange ? Nobody have nominate Ronaldo
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