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The rumours on Thuram being Berlusconi's big name target won't die. However, Beckham, Rivaldo, Nakata and Riquelme are also mentioned as possibilities.

Lassissi could be heading to Viola on a co-ownership deal. I don't understand it though. Surely we won't sell both Thuram and Lassissi?

The interest in Roberto Baggio from Calisto Tanzi still exists. Some of you may not like it but I have to say that I do. However, it all depends on the central midfield if he gets to play from start. I think a Bogho-Almeyda midfield lack some skills offensively and that's why I would like to see Micoud playing instead of one of them leaving Baggio in a free role behind the strikers.

Salas keep refusing to join Parma. I don't think it's our loss though. Cragnotti will now be trying for Angel instead to use as bait but the words from Tanzi are: "Give us Salas or Crespo stays in Parma."
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