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More respect to Di Vaio thanks!!!!

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A loth of you here is mad at di vaio and not respecting him. I think he deserves respect because without him we would be in serie B. He has saved us so many games this years. Here some of the games;

Perugia home Di Vaio scores in the 93 minute. 2-1 parma

PARMA - FIORENTINA he score a beutiful goal. 2-0 to parma.

VENEZIA - PARMA Di Vaio scores a hattrick and gives us 3 new points!!

PARMA - LAZIO He scores the only goal and 3 points are ours!!

PIACENZA - PARMA He saves us again in the last minutes.

PARMA - UDINESE Thanks Di Vaio!

FIORENTINA - PARMA: has anyone forget about this game???? =)

This is a player we should respect even if he moves. Thanks!:fero:

without him we would be in serie B right now....:depress:
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Loyalty to club these days just doesn't exist. I think it goes both way for the club too. Coaches get sacked, players get swapped, players leaving and we the fans just watch helplessly.

I think DiVaio does earn my respects in terms of what he has done this season. If he wants to leave let him. I think every player uses their club as a stepping stone anyways. They balance the financial gains or some times playing time for their decision. Its just too bad that Parma doesn't command respect and I can understand cause we don't have a rich history full of cups and medals so we see players leave to other clubs looking for glory. I don't understand why we have to sell these players to our rivals, why can't we sell them abroad??? Ok, so its demand and supply and probably Tanzi is thinking in terms of who will pay the most.

Next season looks promising with influx of young players and I hope that we will keep these players and not do a fire sale when these players mature.
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