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More respect to Di Vaio thanks!!!!

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A loth of you here is mad at di vaio and not respecting him. I think he deserves respect because without him we would be in serie B. He has saved us so many games this years. Here some of the games;

Perugia home Di Vaio scores in the 93 minute. 2-1 parma

PARMA - FIORENTINA he score a beutiful goal. 2-0 to parma.

VENEZIA - PARMA Di Vaio scores a hattrick and gives us 3 new points!!

PARMA - LAZIO He scores the only goal and 3 points are ours!!

PIACENZA - PARMA He saves us again in the last minutes.

PARMA - UDINESE Thanks Di Vaio!

FIORENTINA - PARMA: has anyone forget about this game???? =)

This is a player we should respect even if he moves. Thanks!:fero:

without him we would be in serie B right now....:depress:
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I think that it would be the best if the Parma fans could be turned to star players!:D :D :D We - the fans have the biggest loyalty to the club, we would never leave Parma! Players are coming and going but the supporters are always staying!!:)
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