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More power than anyone before him

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And his first action is a stupid one: Wagner "is allowed" to leave...
Surprises me a bit, your way of seeing it. I myself am not young enough for the "idol", "icon" thing which in situations like that happen as a weird furor reflex. If so called icons and idols would be so so important for me, I would support a religious cult, not a football team, it's colors, it's history and it's present. Which, like all presents, is changing. Just like I could live with it when Prohaska moved Fiala out of the team, I can do with Wagner being replaced by Kiese or another guy, his nationalitry is not a factor of outcry for me. On top of it, Wagner did not ask me if my world is breaking down should he take a transfer to Freiburg or whatever. He just did it. Where was the loyality here, why now this playing of the pathetic loyality card.

And in actual fact, sachlich gesehen, Wagner simply is not good enough. He was, when people like Hopfer had been quality enough to be in the team. These days are over. His play made me not happy, to say the least. For years. Him leaving is not in the slightest way different to, say, Kahraman leaving. It's plain ridiculous to give him one (overpaid) contract after the other, just because he is in 22 years or whatever it was. This way Nausch can be protested in the team also, if he is still alive. Or Krajic. Or me, I have more than 22 years, that's for certain.
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Oh, for me that has nothing to do with Wagner being a legend or something like that. It's just that he's currently the only replacement for Blanchard and Kiesenebner, and we'll need him a lot in spring. He didn't play much in the last months, but when he had to, he did well, imo. So there's imo no reason to get rid of him now.
Well, currently Milla would be available for that too, no? As long as there is Vachousek, Sionko and Milla (who by enthusiastic Polish fans is described as the "Nedved of Poland", as far as fighting spirit on the wing goes, he should be more than capable of what Wagner is doing at that same wing or so. So I see no need for Wagner for strictly sachliche Gründe. Looks like they offered him a less paid contract and so on and then he started his "Alles ist ja nur Geschäft, keine Loyalität" campaign. And that seriously pisses me off.

What does a look at the Vöslau page show:

VP: OK - kommen wir von der Gegenwart zur Vergangenheit. Du hast die Austria nach der Saison 1995-96 Richtung deutsche Bundesliga verlassen - wie es dazu ge-kommen ?

Michael Wagner: Ich wurde beim Spiel gegen Sturm vom Freiburger Trainer Volker Finke und dessen Präsidenten Achim Stocker beobachtet. Offenbar hab ich enttsprochen, denn wenige Tage später lag mir ein unterschriftsreifer 3-Jahresvertrag vor. Die Herausforderung deutsche Bundesliga war groß, das finanzielle Angebot stimmte. Dank Bosman stand einem Transfer nichts im Wege...

Oh yeah? So first chance, more money and more Perspective elsewhere and "Dank Bosman" a quick farewll und fallts net. What a great deal of loyality and such. He is the last who can now whine about 22 years. How much did years count when he wanted out and did it the "Dank Bosman stand einem Transfer nichts im Wege..." way, which is the "**** off, I strictly follow my personal wishes" way.

Things changed and he got offered a fair farewell. Which is what he did not offer, as in signing a contract and change to Freiburg for money. No it was the **** off Dank Bosman stand einem Transfer nichts im Wege...way. Which is fair enough, everybody should be allowed to follow his personal ways. But then don't whine to the press playing the loyality card.
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Mila in defensive midfield? As back-up for Blanchard and Kiesenebner? I thought he's an offensive player?

Anyway, Wagner can talk whatever he wants, I don't care about it. But as long as there's no replacement, it's imo stupid to let him go. Simple as that.
Well, the descriptions vary a bit. But then again, wasn't Wagner an offensive one as well. In any case, what they all talk about is Mila being left/center (like Wagner) and is praised for his fighting spirit (unlike Wagner) and also for a certain quality (unlike Wagner). So basically it sounds logic for me that Wagner can be replaced by Mila and that potentially being part of the whole transfer idea. So the Wagner news do not sound like a stupid first decision to me. And when did Wagner really shine as a defensive midfielder, I wonder since he is coined as that. In my thinking he was best in the Vastic role, center, offensive, behind strikers stinging into box. Like with this brilliant goal he scored (in Graz against Sturm, like 2 years ago, I think). Then, suddenly and probably on course of fi nding a position for him, he was a defensive midfielder. I never believed in that, so Mila to me is pretty much Wagner's replacement, at least as opne of the options, a.k.a. improvement for the team.
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