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The first leg of the Copa do Brasil final between Cruzeiro and Sao Paulo was characterised by chants of “go-go-go” from the crowd, fouls and a lot of nervousness on the field of play. As in every final, anxiety ruled the roost, leaving thousands of supporters tearing out their hair and chewing their finger nails to the quick. Sometimes it was the Sao Paulo supporters that roared on their team, in others it was the Cruzeiro fans. The game finally ended in a scoreless draw, leaving the decision to the second leg on Sunday at 18h30 (2230BST) in Mineirao.

Cruzeiro marked very tightly in the first half, giving their adversary the respect they deserve. The team from Minas Gerais gave Sao Paulo little room to manoeuvre and waited for their chances to counter attack. Due to the erratic nature of the game at the start, Oseas saw little of the ball, but Cruzeiro’s game developed and strengthened throughout the first half.

Sau Paulo’s best opportunity in the first half came after 24 minutes from a free kick taken by Marcelinho, which stretched keeper Andre to his limit. However, most of Sao Paulo’s attacking efforts were thwarted by Cruzeiro’s defence. A second opportunity was missed after 38 minutes from a corner kick when Edmilson’s header just missed the post.

There was no let up in the pace during the second half. Both teams committed themselves full heartedly to the game and Sao Paulo’s best chance of the match came after only four minutes when Sandro Hiroshi’s shot hit a defender and Fabio Aurelio hit the post on the rebound. The ball remained in play and Hiroshi, with just keeper Andre to beat, handed the ball to him on a plate. Coach Levir Culpi and the Sao Paulo fans went wild!

The last scoring opportunity was Cruzeiro’s, when after 20 minutes midfielder Ricardinho took a free kick that hit the post. From that point on the game returned to the defensive duel with no real chances to finalise.

The teams:

Sao Paulo: Rogerio Ceni, Belletti, Edmilson, Rogerio Pinheiro, Fabio Aurelio; Alexandre (Fabiano), Maldonado, Rai (Edu), Marcelinho; Sandro Hiroshi (Carlos Miguel) and Franca.
Coach: Levir Culpi

Cruzeiro: Andre, Rodrigo, Cleber, Cris, Sorin (Alonso); Donizete, Ricardinho, Marcos Paulo, Jackson (Viveros); Geovane (Muller) and Oseas.
Coach: Marco Aurélio

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Tomorrow's game should be better, as Levir Culpi (Sao Paulo manager) said he would put Sao Paulo to play their normal attacking game. Cruzeiro got what they wanted from the first game, so now they should decide at home.
their's a friend of mine who is travelling from Rio to go to Belo Horizonte to support Sao Paulo...told him that he would waste his money..let's hope so...cause he is such a pain in the ASS:) but cool guy..bit crazy though!:)
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