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While Everton should be deciding on there team in the summer and what new players we should be aquiring, it looks as though Moyes and company will be wondering where the future lies as the Board have started to jockey for position once again. :rolleyes:

Boardroom battle may resurface at Goodison

THE POSSIBILITY of another boardroom battle at Everton emerged last night when it was revealed that director Paul Gregg was lining up a rival investment deal in America.
It came as a board meeting at Goodison failed to deliver any conclusive decision about the long-touted Fortress Sports Fund deal.
Swiss-based financier Chris Samuelson had earlier told the Daily Post he had asked chief executive Keith Wyness to get clear indications from the board as to whether they supported the deal he heads.
But after several hours Wyness instead confirmed that the club was now looking at other potential investors, including an American-based deal being pursued by leading director Gregg.
Wyness said: "We are in preliminary negotiations with another potential investor, and I know Paul Gregg is also speaking to a possible American investor."
The prospect of Gregg pursuing his own investment deal echoes the bitter boardroom struggle of last summer, when Gregg and club chairman Bill Kenwright put forward alternative investment proposals.
Gregg's was dependent on Ken-wright stepping down as club chairman but the theatre impresario clung to power on the back of the Fortress deal he promised to deliver.
Now, six months later, the club is yet to receive the certificate of incorporation which officially puts the £12.8million Fortress deal on the table - a situation apparently confirmed in yesterday's board meeting.

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Another summer of wondering:

Vaughan confirms Everton bid talks May 21 2005
EXCLUSIVE by Neil Turner and Debbie James, Daily Post
CHESTER City chairman Stephen Vaughan last night confirmed he is in talks to buy a major shareholding in Everton Football Club.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Post, Mr Vaughan said he was negotiating to buy millionaire Everton director Paul Gregg's 23.2% shareholding in the club.

But in a bizarre twist last night, Mr Gregg said his discussions with Mr Vaughan were about his buying Mr Kenwright and fellow director Jon Woods's shares, not his own.

He added that Mr Vaughan had confirmed to him he had £20m available for making a dramatic takeover move.

Mr Vaughan would need to raise just £7m-£8m to buy out Mr Gregg, whose family has more than 8,000 shares in the Champions League qualifiers.

Mr Gregg had a major public split with majority shareholder and chairman Bill Kenwright last summer.

Mr Vaughan said last night: "I spoke to Paul Gregg at length today, and we discussed the role of two men who have been brokering the sale of the shareholding."

The Merseyside-based businessman continued: "Quite rightly, Mr Gregg has asked me to provide proof of funding about our ability to purchase his shares. I shall be only too pleased to pass this on to him.

"We are football people and, if the opportunity to become involved in a Premier League club arose, it would be extremely interesting.

"My investors and myself have a number of ideas to take the club forward. These include many commercial ideas which would bring the club up to date, and bring it into modern times and commercial methods. This would generate much-needed revenues for the club."

Mr Vaughan would no longer be able to retain his shareholding in Chester City, the club he saved from extinction four years ago.

"Currently I am the major shareholder and creditor of Chester City, and if the negotiations progressed sufficiently for me to take a stake in Everton, then my interests would be passed into the capable hands of my chief executive, David Burford.

Chester will not be disadvantaged at all if I am successful."

He added that negotiations to buy into Everton were at a very early stage. "There are still a number of ifs and buts if a deal is to be concluded. However, discussions will continue."

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While Eveton fans should be talking about summer signings and exciting times ahead. It seems that the Board room wants to focus the attention on themselves.

Gregg: I'm not trying to quit Everton May 25 2005
By Rob Brady, Liverpool Echo
PAUL GREGG insists he is not looking to sell his interest in Everton.

The ECHO revealed on Friday that Chester City chairman Stephen Vaughan is seeking to buy into the Blues.

Reports elsewhere have claimed the pair are in negotiations, but Gregg emphatically denies this.

He is angry he is being seen as the instigator of the current off-the-field events and insisted the first he knew of Vaughan's interest was when he was contacted by the ECHO for a comment on Friday morning, though he has since spoken to Vaughan.

Gregg, the club's second largest shareholder, also claimed that Vaughan has approached other directors with a view to wrestling control of Everton from chairman Bill Kenwright.

"He has not approached me exclusively," said Gregg.

When asked if he was willing to sell his stake, Gregg added: "At this moment, no.

"Contrary to everyone's belief, the long-term success of Everton Football Club is still my ambition, however that is achieved."

The bulk of Everton shares is split between four parties - Kenwright, Gregg and his family, director Jon Woods and Lord Grantchester.

Kenwright is the biggest single shareholder with a 25 per cent holding.

Last summer Gregg tried to oust Kenwright, but his own investment package failed to materialise.

Kenwright pressed ahead with his own proposal via the Fortress Sports Fund, but this has yet to be delivered.
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