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Moratti "i'm Tired But I Go On"

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By Alex

Massimo Moratti will continue to be the president of Inter, even if the delusion for what happened on Sunday is great.

The chairman assured that neither this will take far from it the passion for Inter and soccer

"Of course I'm very tired to live a situation where at the end there is always something wrong"

"Last round was an absurd day for me and Inter's supporters, as we lost something we already have the hands on"

"However there is still great passion inside of me, for sure I'm not missing the courage to go on, since it's a pleasure too!"

Finally Moratti spoke against those who charged Hector Cuper to have faced last game of the season in the wrong way, and to be now the responsible of the missed victory

"That's not my idea, on the contrary I don't think our coach is the guilty for the defeat we got with Lazio. Probably we lost the 'scudetto' wasting some chance earlier"
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