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Moratti Confirms Vieri's Injury

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Serie A Report: Moratti Confirms Vieri's Injury

Inter's president, Massimo Moratti confirmed that striker Bobo Vieri suffered a slight injury to his right heel in the final 15 minutes of the today's clash with Piacenza.

The medics say that for further details the player will have to undergo further test in the following few days.
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man, i hope bobo is alright... :( we need him against lazio...let's have our fingers crossed...
Nevermind having Vieri for the Lazio game! I'm sure most people are worried about him being fit for the upcoming WC. I had a feeling Vieri would injure himself in these last two games. One week ago, Inter tells us that it is unlikely he will play in the final two games. But in typical Inter style, they rush the player back into action when he is not fully fit. For heaven's sake, PLEASE don't play him next week and screw up Italy's chances of having him play in the World Cup!!!!!
Vieri was smiling at the end of the game after he missed that free kick and He's probably just having some muscle problems again, trust me dude if he gets a couple of weeks of partying with Inter if we win the scudetto and he also has about a month without playing league matches, he'll be fine and better then ever. :)

He's not the only one who is tired and doesn't have his gas tank to a full level, so he's not the only one. Dalmat and Emre weren't forced to play either, and i think they were injured so don't gimme that bull about how we rush players to play, maybe it's cause they want to really play for our beloved club?

Btw, Ronaldo got about 2 months off so that's living proof, plus Bobo missed almost the whole first half of the season genius! :rolleyes:
V32 will not miss the last game...trust me.
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