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Montella owns number 9!

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I see no reason why Montella should give up his nr. 9 just because Bati wants it. Bati is a great forward but so is Montella. They both score a lot of goals and deserve nr. 9 but Montella was first so he owns it. Totti is a man of great respect, he don't care what nr. he has so please Bati act like an adult, it is not the nr. that will make goals but the feet!
Next year Roma will have a great team. Just they need to sell Nakata, he is good but Roma doesn't need him. With Emerson and Totti Roma already has two players who "see" the game.

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I read that there is a possibility that in a couple of months, Montella won't be playing in Roma anymore. Totti offered his shirt to Batigol.
Hey, when 'Mr. Injury Prone' Ronaldo went to Inter he demanded to wear the #9 jersey... and now he is injured as usual...

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Batigol said he will play with any number. Montella played down his supposed row with Batigol about who wears the number 9 shirt, saying, 'I've got infinite respect for him and I never wanted to argue about the no 9 shirt. It'll be a privilege to play alongside such a great player.'
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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