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Atletico Madrid
goalkeeper Jose Francisco Molina admits he has watched with envy
the astonishing rise of his international colleague Iker
The 19-year-old Real Madrid goalkeeper won a place in the
Spanish Euro 2000 squad on the strength of some eye-catching
displays in the Champions League during his side's successful
run to an eighth European Cup win.
And Molina has clearly been surprised by his rapid rise from
a Real Madrid C team player to international hopeful in less
than 12 months.
"Maybe Casillas looks at Canizares and me with admiration
but I look at him with envy because at the age of 19 I would
have been dying out there on the field," Molina said on
"I don't know wich of us is the favourite to start the
matches in this tournament but we'll all be working hard so that
the coach can count on us."

Copied from DailySoccer. Funny isn't it? For me this means Iker's place is still a big ?

BTW when do Spain play their next warm-up?

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If you are a keeper like Molina who is pushing 30 years old, you will definetely feel threatened by a skillful 19 year old like Iker who just won the Champions League.

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