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Yesterday took place the first official game of the french season.
The RC Strasbourg was opposed to the FC Nantes for the sixth edition of the Champions Trophy (Trophée des Champions).
A game who opposed also the French championship winner and the French Cup winner.
After 7 minutes, Olivier Quint scored an wonderful free-cick from 22 meters...Chilavert was defeated...but that wasn't the last time.
Even if Strasbourg scored at the 17th minute, The FCNA becam too strong and the magic team offered to all the supporters who came at Strasbourg a great show. After 90 minutes, THe FCNA was sure to begin the new season with a new cup. There's no going back on it, with a win of 4-1 they are really "hot" !!!

Moldovan played 85 minutes. Great perf coz I really think he had took some weight...so calm down with the "sarmale" Moldo!!:D
Anyway, the attack side of Nantes looks ready for this season with some great players like Dalmat, Quint, Savinho, Carriere and of course Moldovan.
Maybe another little star on their jersey?!
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