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Moldovan and C.Munteanu moving

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Moldovan to Galatasaray.
Munteanu to Atletico Madrid(next summer)
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Moldovan is not moving anymore cuz we signed jardel and Boksic today.

THe deputy man of Galatasaray has said that they had indirect contact with him but they ahd no more intentons of bringing him to yellow and red..

i also believe it was only Lucescu who wanted him to come.
the fans and theadeministrative board with the president werent in favor of buying him.

Also, fener president had a conversation with him and tokld him tht he wanted him to stay. unless a big surprize occurs, he will bee playig in a strong fener next year with all the other transfers.
C. Munteanu goes to Atletico for $ 3,7 mil. + 3 Atletico players.
The player is now an Atletico player but they will loan him one year to Salamanca.
Good news for Munteanu I guess. The Moldovan deal is done according to the Romanian newspapers. I think it's a good thing for Galatasaray because he could be a replacement for Boksic while playing league games or so on, but Boksic and Jardel should be starting for Gala in the CL.
I wish they could Eclipse but they can not anymore because the foreigner player rule in Turkey is 5+2. 5 in the 11and 2 reserves.

So we have Taffarel, Boksic, Jardel, Hagi, Popescu, Capone and marcio. That makes 7 already. ohh dammnnn! i just realized. Marci would be a sub, bo problem with that, but who is gonna be the other one???
i mean they are all good. Capone and poescu are what keep us alive in defence. hagi?:)
Boksic, jardel??
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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