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Moggi The Genius!!

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I can not understand why some of you Juve fans are crying over Moggis statements these last weeks, What he says does make sense.

First of all the bought of Paramatt can turn out to be the best buy juve have done in years, have anyone of you seen Pramatii play?? He isn't good , he is Great, he is a leader, he never gives up, and he will have NO problems with sitting on the bench. If he plays like he did for Bologna in 98-99 season in the UEFA, he can more then deffend a place in the first team.

And about Moggis Statements, he said that Inzaghi, Del Piero and Kovacevic was more then good enough, and he said that if Amoruso comes back they don't need any more strikers. I couldn't agree any more.
All you people crying for Crespo listen, HE IS NOT BETTER THEN PIPPO!!
How, he is stronger and better in the air, but on the ground Pippo can run from anyone, and he has a LOT better technique, He is also not that bad in the air.
The only thing Pippo doesn't have is Strength and Ancelottis faith iin him.
Crespo isn't bad at all , but the way some guys in these forums have been talking about him is just ridiculous, he is NOT that good.

Moggi is right : go with Pippo ( Ancelotti get a ****!n brain! ). and introduce some cheap and young Italian forwards, in couple of years they will do good for both Juve and Italy.
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and BTW La Gazzetta dello Sport online is doing a survey, the question is "Vieri is not available for the European competition (because of injury), if you were Zoff would you call Roby Baggio?"

go and vote for him at http://www.gazzetta.it/
Im satisfied with the buy of Paramatti and I liked Moggi's move. I can understand why we got him. He's good and we need a bigger squad for the CL.

About Inzaghi, NO- He is NOT better than Hernan Jorge Crespo! No freakn way! Crespo is a real finisher! With Del Piero by his side and Zidane behind DP and Crespo, I think it'll be lots of goals. Crespo is a real goal getter! Inzaghi..? haha?? Better technique than Crespo?? Don't think so. He isn't ridicilous, he is just better than Inzaghi, and the most of us in this forum have relised that Juve could do so much better with Crespo up front with DP! AND so has Ancelotti relised to! We are signing some nice italian forwards to! Cassano and Brighi is on their way. + That we have Maresca, Rigoni and Sculli in our juniour team. So the future looks good. So WHY can't we just spend some cash on Crespo? I am sure he'll play excellent with DP!

If Vieri were injured and I were Zoff, well then I'd call up Baggio! He finished this season fairly well. Forza Italia in EC2000!
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are u kiddin'??
inzaghi better than crespo?? that is so very not true!! look at the scoring chart, look at the assist chart, look at the shots on target chart and if there is one, look at the average rating.
inzaghi is good but certainly not better than crespo. if u ask any team, they would rather have crespo than inzaghi. i think even DP will prefer having crespo by his side.

one with the most assist and the other the 2nd top scorer(there's no way we can get sheva).
Come on people after all pippo have done for you guys and this is what you give him in return??
Does anyone remember his first season with Del Piero?? Or what abou the goals against Dinamo Kiev, or Man.****??

Brighi isn't a forward he is an attacking midfielder, and Cassano is a player who is just like Del Piero, if he comes to Juve then it would be a stupid choice by him. He should stay at Bari, for at least 3-4 seasons, ( wich BTW also Spinesi should ).
AS far as I know , Rigoni is also an attacking midfielder,so is Maresca, Sculli is a striker.

Have you ever seen Crespo play, if you suggest that he got technique then I don't think so.

I am not trying to pick a fight here, I am just saying that the Juve fans should be happy with this season, and fight for the CL trophy next season by keeping Pippo, but I don't think Ancelotti will do that, Delle Alpi isn't big enough for them both.

Crespo is one of the best Strikers in the Seria A (with Shavchenko , Del Piero , Batistuta and Vieri )
iNZAGHI IS A POOR!!! I hate him without him we was the Champions now!!!
He haven't any abilities ahh he know to dive....

Crespo is perfect Striker and we can't get anyone better than him right now
I can easily forgat the hetricks against Kiev etc. after the thousands of mistakes that Inzaghi do every game!
Although Pippo is not poor Juve will need more strikers next year. Ithink four top-quality strikers i suitable for massive campaigns in Serie A and CL.
amit, u are totally blinded by your hatred for inzaghi. I agree that he did miss some chances but to insist that we lost the championship because of him time and again is ridiculous and bothersome. Just to remind you, he wasn't the only striker who played in our last game and every one of them was obliged to score. Inzaghi wasn't the only player who made "thousands of mistakes" during each game so please ......

YES I remember all the excellent seasons with Inzaghi, but Crespo is a better striker than him! I don't hate Inzaghi, I like him alot. He has done alot for Juve. But with Crespo we can do better, and that's football! WINNING! C'mon, we can't play Inzaghi just because we remember the good matches he had, Crespo could do the same, maybe better! He only pick up fights with DP and complains.

So you suggest that we keep Inzaghi and play him with DP.. *sigh* we need results! YES we came on 2nd place and it was a good season. But a team like Juve are aiming higher! Therefor get Crespo!

Admit it! You really want Crespo! Deep inside you know that he'll do better than Pippo!

About the talents, it seems like we are signing them all the time. YOU KNOW that, that is Juve's transfer philosophy. If we bought a talented striker, we couldn't play him for a couple of years till he's released his potential. I for instance.. I want results now! Lazio, Roma, Inter .. all of them strengthening their team with good players. This one time.. can't we use money on one player we all know will score?
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Hey, I like Inzaghi too, but do you know what technique is, LEGEND? It is how well you control the ball, how well you are at doing tricks, how long you can keep the ball for, do you understand? Now, inzaghi is good, but Crespo is much better. His technique is 10 times better, not kiddin'. That's why he scored a back heel goal against us last year don't you remember?

What about the volley goal he struck at the final part of the season?


FoRzA JuVe

fOrZa BiAnCoNeRi
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