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If anyone you also post on ANOTHER BOARD you know me as Treetaliano there as well...and if you do post there you probably know about the EPL Prediction League that we play...Well now that the MLS Season is just about 3 weeks away the MLS Prediction League is about to get underway...

And YES, it's FREE. There's NO SPAM...no ads, no nothing. Ask any of the 200+ people who have played the EPLPL...it's just a game pure and simple (sorry had to add this line just in case some moderator thinks that something is up..If you are a moderator...at least go and check the link before you delete this post..you will see that it is just a site run by two fans)

There are some good prizes as well...all of them MLS merchandise...We are also working on getting a Grand Prize set up within the next few days, and if all goes well we will be giving away a full paid trip for 2 to MLS Cup 2004.

Here is the link http://www.goalleague.com

The first matches are the CONCACAF Champions Cup on March 17th. So you've got about 3 weeks to register in time, and in 2 days we already have over 100 ppl registered.

If you do register, (or even if you dont...) do everyone a favor and add your name to this thread as sort of a bump so it shows up on the home page as well and we can get several hundred people playing.

If you have any troubles registering, follow the help section and you should be fine.

Good Luck people.
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