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the MLS Cup is tomorrow in the Home Depot Center in LA. The match will be the winners of the East, Columbus Crew and the winners of the West, New York Red Bulls :pp Only in American soccer can the winners of the Western conference be further east than the winners of the East :rollani:...anyway thats beside the point

Red Bulls came into the playoffs struggling, in fact they were lucky just to get in, but in the playoffs they have played well enough including eliminating Houston in the first round winning 3:0 away.
Columbus have been hot all season and survived a tough match with Chicago at home in the semi-finals, they will certainly be the favorites.

The match is tomorrow on ABC, should be an interesting match, as both teams have the chance to win their first ever MLS Cup.

This could potentially be huge for NYC/NJ as well, soccer is huge here, and with the new stadium coming up in a few years that can be easily filled, especially if they win the cup.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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