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MLS president Mark Abbott: "What I can say is the meetings this week were productive and we have scheduled an additional number of meetings."

MLS' Abbott: Players comments do not reflect productive nature of talks
MLS president Mark Abbott said he did not want to comment about the labor negotiations with the MLS Players Union with a mediator. But he felt he had to in wake of comments from several players and the strike vote that was made public Thursday.



Red Bulls players rep Wolyniec on the near unanimous strike vote. John Wolyniec on the possibility of the strike. "The players are ready for that if they don't get a fair agreement," he said. If anything, the players' vote to give the MLS Players Union bargaining committee the right to strike later this month showed how together they really are.

The players voted 383-2 to strike if Collective Bargaining Agreement talks aren't resolved by March 25, when the expansion Philadelphia Union opens the season against the Seattle Sounders FC.


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Crisis averted. Deal reached.


Management was opposed to free agency within MLS, which has negotiated all contracts on behalf of its teams since play began in 1996. MLS said players always had the option of signing with clubs overseas.

"Players will have greater rights at the expiration of their agreements but they will not be free agents within the league," Garber said.

Instead, there will be a re-entry draft for players whose contracts end or options are declined.

WTF is a re-entry draft? I swear, the MLS management is just plain fcuking goofy. Let the guys be free agents...
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