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Some of Magics little contributions;

Just because Rafa has a new goatee he thinks he can stroll over and sign our players. goatee or no goatee Heinze is not going to the dippers.

Robinho is the farkin dogs bollcosk, i always said ir. givr him a ****in FREE ROLR AND HE WILLF****ing ne the dogs bollocks. (pure class)

David Beckham is not a footballing great? he can only cross and take set pieces? Oh my god I have been deluded all this time. Damn you! Damn you to hellll!!!

Got a bag of Rio Ferdinand's pubes if anyone is interested.

I am debating wether to watch this game or watch paint dry .. at the moment the paint is looking like the winner.

My mum would look good against this defense.

Multiculturalism divides nations.

If 'attack' is lofting nothing balls into Kuyt then my local under 11's can 'attack'
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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