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Mirkovic to Leeds; again

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To the Leeds fans who posted replies to an earlier topic and each made a mistake:
1. Zoran Mirkovic is not over 30; he is 28 years old
2. Zoran Mirkovic is not out of EURO 2000 because there was something wrong with his form or quality as a player; he got a 3 game ban and since the selector was unsure if the team would get to the 1/4 finals...
3. Zoran Mirkovic did not sign for Fenerbahce as Turkish media reported, he said he is not keen on going to Turkey and that deal is off.

Maja, webmaster of the site dedicated to Zoran Mirkovic
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From what i know, what u say is impossible cuz they have already announced the deal.

He will be coming this week to sign the contract and the president will never let that happen because he is already criticized so much for letting the trasfers go.
I assume you are talking about Ferenbahce deal? I don't know what is happening behind the closed doors all I know is that he said for the Yugoslav media he is not going to Turkey and that Italian media said the deal is off. If you have any new information please contact me:
[email protected]


Fenerbahce signed Youngster Nikola Lazetic today, the captain of under 21 Yugoslavian national team.

He said he would do his best to bring fenerbahce where it belongs in the league and also added " I talked to Mirkovic today and he told me he was also very happy for coming to fenerbahce and i think we will achieve a lot tigether nexy year."


I guess that expalins it:)
I don't believe MIRKOVIC will want Turkey.
From Juve going there...no chance.
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