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Leaving Hajduk is one thing, any young player with ambition would want to eventually go abroad. Joining Dinamo in the same year that you were a Hajduk captain and awarded the 'Hajducko srce', that is another thing entirely. Soso + money are more important than Hajduk and dignity. Mirko can live with the consequences now, tko ga jebe.

At least we know that Dinamo won't get many decent crosses in from the left. :smileani:
I agree with you, and even though I understand how a young player could want to leave Hajduk for a better club, Kalinic did it all wrong - his statements were not thought through at all, and he had a very, very bad attitude in terms of 'I don't have anything new to learn here'. I dare to say he disrespected the club greatly, even without the arm band incident.

I'm not supporting Hrgovic, but I am on his side in regards to Kalinic.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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